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What Makes Magnus Carlsen So Special?

Magnus Carlsen stands out in an age where preparation among top players can often be on an equal playing level. What makes him unique?

He can hold his standard gun securely once in position, though jostling may cause it to drop if jostled too strongly. His trailer can also be detached from its cab so you can park Deluxe or MP cars inside it.

Early Life and Education

Magnus Concordia Group Limited manufactures and sells printed products. The Company produces books, magazines, directories, maps and other printed materials in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the US, UK France as well as other international markets. Furthermore, Magnus Concordia Group invests in real estate properties; leases real estate; trades debt and equity securities – and has its headquarters located in Wan Chai Hong Kong.

MAGNUS Holding, an investment portfolio focused on long-term holdings and supporting portfolio companies’ development in an impactful way, specializes in aviation & defense, medical technology and primary packaging for pharmaceutical products. SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwalte advised MAGNUS Holding on its acquisition of DREHTAINER GmbH of Germany.

Professional Career

Magnus holds numerous renowned titles in chess, such as World Rapid Championship and Chess Olympiad participant. Additionally, he currently provides consulting services to various businesses as a chess consultant.

MAGNUS Holding is a single family office dedicated to long-term investing, supporting its portfolio companies’ sustainable development across aerospace & defense, medical technology, pharmaceutical primary packaging and other areas of specialty.

Monroe Engineering, a ShoreView portfolio company, announced the acquisition of Magnus Mobility Systems as part of their product offering and geographic expansion strategy to better service their growing customer base. The transaction is scheduled for completion early 2021.

Achievement and Honors

Magnus Haglind serves as Senior Vice President and Head of Products in Nasdaq Market Platforms’ Market Technology division, overseeing roadmapping and product portfolio management across a wide array of mission critical market infrastructure solutions offered to capital markets.

Magnus has long been associated with royalty and nobility across Europe, perhaps most notably being used by King Charles Magnus of Italy who overthrew his rule during the third-century usurpation.

Magnus Concordia Group Limited manufactures and sells printed products. Their services can be found throughout Hong Kong, Mainland China, France and internationally; serving both military and industrial sectors. Founded in 1990 and privately held by an individual.

Personal Life

MAGNUS Holding, as a single family office, focuses on long-term investments with sustainable returns. MAGNUS invests predominantly in aerospace & defense, medical technology and primary packaging sectors.

Magnus kicked off 2019 in stunning style by winning Wijk aan Zee for an unprecedented seventh time, Shamkir Chess, Grenke Chess Classic, Cote d’Ivoire Rapid and Blitz Tournament and Norway Chess to create an astonishing winning streak of eight consecutive tournaments which propelled his FIDE rating up to 2882!

At White & Case, Magnus co-leads the Finance Group and is highly knowledgeable of financing transactions including leveraged finance and restructurings for Swedish and foreign banks as well as private equity funds. His work also spans power generation, retail sales and industrial manufacturing.

Net Worth

Magnus Carlsen has established himself as one of the highest-earning chess players ever. His income stems from tournament performances, brand endorsements, and his social media presence – sources which generate huge amounts of funds for him.

Magnus’ prodigious talent has mesmerized audiences worldwide and propelled him into global superstardom at an early age. Not restricted to playing 64 squares alone, Magnus has smartly diversified his earnings to maximize returns.

Magnus Chess, which he owns 85% of, serves as his channel to invest his earnings and gain access to public markets. Furthermore, Play Magnus (valued at over $100M) owns part of Magnuschess as well.

Play Magnus offers an impressive portfolio of eLearning and eSports chess apps, such as Magnus Trainer. In addition, Play Magnus also creates custom events and sponsorship experiences for corporate partners.

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