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Make your balcony fit for spring – this is how it shines in new splendor!

We are all waiting impatiently for more sunshine and warmth and are very happy about the first signs of spring outside. You have probably already noticed that the days are gradually getting longer and friendlier, the temperatures are rising very slowly. Yes, winter is drawing to a close and spring is coming with bright colors and pleasant scents. It is therefore high time to prepare your balcony for the new season. If you have not already done so, we will show below how to make your balcony fit for spring. For this purpose we have put together some great decoration ideas for you. These can be useful for you if you want to visually change your balcony in a short time and make it fit for spring. Just stick with it and let yourself be surprised!

In spring nature awakens to new life! Get your balcony ready for spring and watch the changes outside from there.

Balkon frühlingsfit machen grüne Pflanzen schöner Blick auf die Umgebung alles grünt und blüht

  • Make the balcony fit for spring: start cleaning!

Regardless of whether you have a small or spacious balcony, a large terrace or even a patio, you must first thoroughly clean all of these outdoor areas and only then start decorating them for spring. Remove the dirt that has accumulated there, mop the floor with a suitable cleaning agent, depending on the flooring, and make it shine. Only then does the outdoor furniture come next. Depending on where they have hibernated, you can now determine how they are to be cared for.

You have to thoroughly clean the whole balcony, the floor and the outdoor furniture!

Balkon frühlingsfit machen Boden und Outdoor Möbel gründlich reinigen

If the balcony furniture was stored or stacked indoors, either in the basement or on the roof, then that’s not that complicated. All you have to do is dust it off and air the upholstery. But if your outdoor furniture has been outside all winter, you will need more maintenance before it is ready for spring. The wooden pieces of furniture in particular require special care so that they retain their natural look for longer. Find out here how to properly care for your wooden furniture and floor coverings made of real wood. The cleaning and maintenance of course mean a little more effort and work for you, but the effect will be greater! Soon you will have a favorite place outside, where you can really relax and enjoy the nature around you. So, roll up your sleeves and off you go!

Only after cleaning does your balcony shine in new splendor!

Balkon frühlingsfit machen Boden Holzmöbel reinigen dann dekorieren

  • With beautiful spring flowers and lots of green you can make the balcony fit for spring!

Every balcony needs a natural decoration! Lots of green and beautiful spring flowers are simply part of it. With a little more imagination and creativity, you can make your balcony fit for spring and give this outdoor area an unmistakable natural charm. So choose these heralds of spring that will soon delight you with their beautiful flowers. Whether you plant flowers in pots or boxes or just put cut flowers in a vase is entirely up to you. Above all on your personal style and taste, but also on the size of your balcony. If you don’t have a lot of space on the balcony, use hanging planters or flower boxes that can easily be attached to the balcony railing. On the one hand they serve as a good layer of protection for your privacy, on the other hand they bring a green note to your balcony.

Immerse the balcony in natural green!

Balkon frühlingsfit machen grüne Pflanzen blühende Blumen in Kästen Kaffeeecke Klapptisch zwei Klappstühle

Are hyacinths your favorite springtime flowers? Then flaunt it!

Balkon frühlingsfit machen Felldecke auf dem Stuhl in der Ecke Hyazinthen im Topf

  • Which flowers are an absolute must to make the balcony fit for spring?

We have already published several articles about the beautiful spring flowers. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough, because the subject is simply inexhaustible. These unique creations of nature are a pleasure for the eyes and soul, enchant our senses and put us in the mood for optimism. Is there anything nicer than a small, cozy balcony, where potted daffodils, tulips and hyacinths spread their wonderful scent through the air? Their beautiful flowers bring color and make the balcony fit for spring. The flower pots can be colorful too! These can be placed on the small coffee table on the balcony, on shelves or directly on the floor. The flower arrangements cut a fine figure everywhere. You can easily convince yourself of the visual effect of your flowers.

Flowers bring a breath of fresh air to your balcony!

Balkon frühlingsfit machen schön gestalteter Außenbereich in der Stadt schöner Blick Blumen viel Grün

Daffodils and Co. are now a must on the balcony.

Balkon frühlingsfit machen Narzissen Primeln ein Muss in Töpfen

  • Still one about the balcony furniture and other accessories!

This is not about wintering and caring for your balcony furniture, but about its colors. If you want more color on the balcony, then choose light-colored furniture, patterned carpets and throw blankets! The last ones are absolutely necessary, especially in spring, because it’s still cool outside! But with their cheerful colors they can lift your mood. Add a little more romance by scattering candle lanterns, elegant candle holders, and lanterns here and there. This is how you can really make your balcony fit for spring!

With your home accessories you can bring a lot of color outside and make the balcony fit for spring!

Balkon frühlingsfit machen viel Grün bunte Sitzkissen farbenfroher Teppich einladende Atmosphäre

Balkon frühlingsfit machen grüner Hintergrund Liegestühle in Blau und Weiß gelbes Kissen

Balkon frühlingsfit machen Holzmöbel Teppich viele Farben Markise

Balkon frühlingsfit machen schöne Einrichtung stilvolle Gestaltung Blau Weiß viele Blumen

Balkon frühlingsfit machen Boden Teakholz zwei elegante Klappstühle viele Blumen

Balkon frühlingsfit machen gelbe Kissen fallen auf schöne Atmosphäre unter freiem Himmel viel Grün schwarz weiß gestreifter Teppich

Furnish your balcony with attention to detail!

Balkon frühlingsfit machen mit Liebe zum Detail eingerichtet zwei Stühle runder Tisch Holz rosa blühende Blumen im Topf

Balkon frühlingsfit machen im rustikalen Stil Kissen Wurfdecken dunkles Holz

With a little more imagination, you can make your balcony fit for spring!

Balkon frühlingsfit machen bunt und angenehm Tisch zwei Stühle bunt gestreifter Teppich Blumen

… and enjoy every moment outside in the fresh air!

Balkon frühlingsfit machen viele Farben sehr lustig dunkles Holz Boden als Kontrast

Balkon frühlingsfit machen kleiner Teppich Stuhl Pelzbezug Hocker Blumen Kaffeemaschine

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