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Make yourself comfortable outside with garden loungers!

The weather in May is getting better and better and the sun attracts us to stay outside longer. Despite the Corona crisis, many people want to be outdoors and get a little more solar energy. However, if you have a garden, then you are lucky. Because in the next three or four months you could relax outside in your outdoor area and feel really comfortable and undisturbed. Maybe you even want to turn your garden into an oasis of relaxation? Is it true? Then we can help you with clever tips. On our website you will find numerous articles about chic garden design ideas. But today we want to focus on the garden loungers. They are the absolute classic among outdoor furniture and can be made in different designs and styles. There is also a variety of materials so that everyone can find the best for themselves. In short, comfortable garden loungers are must-haves in your outdoor area!

Garden loungers by the pool for more comfort and relaxation outdoors.

Mediterranes Lebensgefühl in Ihrer Garten Lounge

They also invite you to take a nap in the open air.

Gartenliegen graue Polsterung Kissen einladend wirken Nickerchen im Freien Ideen zu Gartenliege

Understandably, every buyer feels overwhelmed when it comes to the design of the garden loungers. Because there is everything your heart desires on the market. First take a look around your outdoor area and determine the style of your garden loungers before buying them. In any case, this should be in harmony with your existing garden facilities. So you know exactly what you want before you buy. There are comfortable garden loungers in a vintage or rustic style, but also those with a simple design and, of course, very minimalist or trendy deck chairs for outside. It also looks diverse when it comes to the extras. There are garden loungers with or without armrests, as well as upholstered or non-upholstered ones. The models with adjustable backrests are also in great demand because they offer maximum lying comfort outdoors. In recent years, designers have combined garden swings and garden loungers in one and often surprise us with very cool designs.

The old metal bed in vintage style can be converted into a comfortable garden lounger.

Gartenliegen altes Metallbett im Vintage Stil umfunktioniert in bequeme Gartenliege viel Grün ringsum Gartenfigur dahinter Ideen zu Gartenliege

You can use it to create your perfect relaxation zone in the garden.

Gartenliegen altes Metallbett umfunktioniert viele Blüten herrliche Gartenlandschaft Relax Oase im Freien Ideen zu Gartenliege

But models in minimalist design are becoming more and more popular.

Gartenliegen im minimalistischen Design am Pool sehr trendy Ideen zu Gartenliege

These can even be a bit unusual.

Gartenliegen ausgefallenes Design aus Rattan sehr trendy Ideen zu Gartenliege

A garden swing to fall in love with!

Gartenliegen Gartenschaukel Metallständer Sonnenschirm schönes modernes Design Ideen zu Gartenliege

Modern garden loungers with adjustable backrests, dark blue upholstery and matching throw pillows.

Gartenliegen modernes Design mit Sonnenschirm verstellbare Rückenlehne dunkelblaue Polsterung passende Wurfkissen Ideen zu Gartenliege

  • What materials can the garden loungers be made of?

All models of garden loungers are made from weather-resistant materials. Different types of wood, plastic and rattan come into question here. Of the types of wood, teak, oak and eucalyptus are particularly popular. The wooden garden loungers can be made in interesting and ergonomic shapes. But that also applies to the models made of plastic and rattan, which are in no way inferior to those made of wood. So that you can set up a real outdoor living area or create a perfect oasis of relaxation, you also need to choose the right upholstered cushions for your comfortable loungers outdoors. Opt for models that not only defy sun and rain well, but are also easy to care for. This means that you can always keep your garden loungers in top condition with little effort.

Rattan lounge chairs with soft padding are the best choice for your outdoor area!

Gartenliegen aus Rattan hellblaue Polsterung am Wasser unter Palmen platziert Outdoor Oase Ideen zu Gartenliege

Here you are guaranteed first-class lying comfort!

Gartenliegen aus Rattan helle Polsterungen erstklassiger Liegekomfort Ideen zu Gartenliege

Also, think about the extras like umbrellas, side table and soft throw pillows.

Gartenliegen aus Holz und Flechtgewebe Kissen Armlehnen Beistelltisch Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen modernes Design dunkelblaue Polsterung bequeme Relax Zone Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen rustikales Design rosafarbener Sonnenschirm Decke etwas Grün daneben Ideen zu Gartenliege

A lantern between the lounge chairs offers you soft light in the evening.

Gartenliegen am Pool eine Laterne dazwischen für gemütliche Abendstunden im Freien Ideen zu Gartenliege

  • Where could the deck chairs be placed in the garden?

Last but not least, we also want to address the question of the right place for the garden loungers. Find a sunny to partially shaded place in your garden where you can create your leisure oasis. If the sun shines too brightly there in summer, then you will definitely need a parasol or additional sun protection. You could treat yourself to very romantic hours if you have a garden pool and place the sun loungers there. However, some garden owners want to relax in peace and quiet and be completely undisturbed, which is why they place their garden furniture between bushes and trees so that they are only surrounded by nature and garden green. So, the possibilities are endless, just like the models of garden loungers. Choose the best based on your style and taste!

We wish you a nice summer full of relaxation and pleasant experiences!

Take the time to also have a look at our picture gallery!

Gartenliegen aus Holz rosa Hintergrund romantisch Badetuch viele grüne Pflanzen Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen minimalistisches Design Beistelltisch Strandtasche Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen aus hellem Holz nicht gepolstert Hocker Beistelltisch Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen am Pool Bequemlichkeit pur am Deck Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen aus Holz graue Polsterung grüne Pflanze daneben Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen ausgefallenes Design Outdoor Möbel super modern Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen Oase im Freien Hinterhof Deck Liegestühle dunkle Polsterung Sonnenschirm im Hintergrund Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen minimalistisches Design im Halbschatten Teppich Buch Hut Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen minimalistisches Design am Pool Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen zwei im minimalistischen Stil weiße Polsterung am See platziert Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen einfache Plastik Outdoor Möbel am Pool im Gras platziert Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen weiche Sitzsäcke grauer Stoff Kissen Boden graues Holz Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen Vintage Modell Decke Kissen Topfpflanzen ringsum Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen aus Holz Armlehnen weiße Polsterung exotische Pflanzen ringsum Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen am Wasser platziert Doppelliege Sonnenschirm weiße Polsterung Kissen Decke Ideen zu Gartenliege

Gartenliegen romantischer Anblick am See Strandtasche weiße Kissen Hut Ideen zu Gartenliege

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