Manga Like Adamasu No Majotachi

Manga Like Adamasu No Majotachi

A man named Yukinari Satou ejaculates diamonds. Some diamonds are rare and expensive, but they are worth the price of a life. One of these special ones attracts a seductress witch. Yukinari must overcome the deadly temptation to save her life. Ghost Ship is now publishing this manga in English. If you’re interested in reading manga like this, then you’ll want to read this article.

Ejaculating diamonds can cut a year off your life span

In manga like Adamasu no Majotachi, a male who ejaculates diamonds loses one year of his lifespan. The ailment attracts a horde of witches who want the male’s semen. He is not the only one affected by this bizarre condition. The story has been retold by several manga.

Yukinari Satou ejaculates diamonds

The title character in the manga and anime series Adamasu no Majotachi suffers from an unusual medical condition, in which he ejaculates diamonds! Although diamonds are a great investment, each one he ejaculates takes away a year of his life. In addition to his medical condition, Yukinari is also being pursued by a gang of seductress witches, who will do anything to make him their pawn.

His strange physical condition, which causes him to produce Hottie Pheromones, causes women to flock to him, and turns his life upside down. His life soon becomes filled with harems full of thirsty girls, his teacher, and the classroom. His buxom teacher is his only escape, and so is his classroom. The only way to escape him is to get a diamond!

Adamas syndrome

In this manga, Yukinari Satou is a young woman with a condition that causes her to ejaculate rose diamonds. She has lost one year of her life, but the syndrome allows her to ejaculate a valuable diamond worth fifteen million dollars! Unfortunately, the condition attracts the attention seductresses who want the precious diamonds she ejaculates. Read on to find out what happens next.

The Witches of Adamas

In The Witches of Adamasu, a small diamond jumps from a saltshaker, causing dozens of women to flock to seduce it. Yukinari, however, has a rare disease called Adamasu Syndrome, which shortens her life if she pops champagne bottles. As a result of this rare disease, she is incredibly attractive to women.

Yukinari must overcome her unusual medical condition in order to survive. Her condition forces her to ejaculate precious diamonds that are worth untold wealth. Each spurt of diamonds takes a year from her life. To combat the sex devilish witches, she must learn to fight off their persistent and deadly temptation.

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