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BJ Alex – From Points of Three

BJ Alex is a completed webtoon manga, written and illustrated by Mingwa, and published by Lezhin Comics. An All-Ages Edition of the manga will be released in January 2021. In this manga, Nam Dong-Gyun meets Ahn Jiwon, who seems to hate him. In this manga, Ahn is not the only one who has feelings for Nam Dong-Gyun.

From Points of Three

If you enjoyed the popular BL series BJ Alex, you will love From Points of Three manga. Like BJ, this series revolves around a gay bodyguard. Ed is a broke bodyguard and has recently been drawn into the world of pornography, applying as Tommy to McQueen Entertainment. While he originally intended to be the top guy, Ed ends up playing the bottom in the series.

From Points of Three and Cheese in the Trap both take place in contemporary urban settings and revolve around a central trio. These two series feature mature characters, a tight focus, and lots of internal monologues. Despite the similarities in style and plot, readers may find them less predictable than BJ Alex’s work. Both series, however, are worth reading. This review will help you decide whether to give them a try.


If you’ve ever been curious about whether you might enjoy a certain series of Yahwi manga, you’ll want to pay attention to BJ Alex. Although the story is a little different, the manga’s tone is similar. And the ending is realistic and satisfying. While you might think the main character of BJ Alex is obsessed with a hot asshole, he is just a college student who is bored to tears with his studies. Then, when he discovers the truth, he’ll be able to get his heart’s desire and find out how far he can go to win her over.

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