Manga Like Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

Detective Manga Like Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

Fans of shoujo comics will enjoy the detective manga Keishichou Tokuhanka 007! This manga series consists of five short stories that revolve around Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solving a variety of criminal cases. In these stories, the main character is more than likely the same person in all of them. Hence, it is a must-read for fans of the Sherlock Holmes franchise!

Usotoki Rhetoric

For those who love detective manga, Usotoki Rhetoric is for you. This manga series features adorable characters and realistic shoujo storytelling. The series begins with the simple yet satisfying story of Detective Inspector Rinna. Rinna is a first-rate inspector in the London Police Department who is romantically involved with another officer, Meishi.

Detective School Q

If you are a fan of detective manga, you will definitely enjoy Detective School Q. This series features the young detectives of the Dan Detective School, a world-famous academy that produces some of Japan’s most talented investigators. Together, they face the mysterious Pluto organization, which is notorious for creating foolproof plans. The manga is an interesting and enjoyable read that features the same characters as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

The story revolves around two detectives – Shinjurou Yuuki and Inga. Both of these characters are brilliant at deductive reasoning and solving challenging cases. As a result, they are a perfect match for each other. The series is currently being translated into English, but you can read the original Japanese text for free online. You can find this detective manga and the original Japanese edition on the internet for free.

Bloody Monday

If you like shoujo-style detective novels and movies, Bloody Monday is for you. This series of five short stories features a detective like Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and other espionage agents trying to solve many crimes. One of the crimes they solve may be a simple murder. In order to solve the mystery, Sherlock and Dr. Watson must work together to solve the crimes.

Shinjurou Yuuki vs Inga

“Defeated Detective” series starred Shinjurou Yuuki, a young man with an unusual supernatural companion. The two set out to solve crimes and discover the secrets behind a massive conspiracy. However, they have to pass through the media empire controlled by the famed businessman Rinroku Kaishou. While they are both great detectives, their friendship is strange. But can they overcome the challenges?

Detective Shinjurou Yuuki is a young, brilliant detective who works with his shota partner Inga. They are also assisted by the Media King Kaishou, who takes credit for the cases Shinjurou solves, and the supernatural Inga. This game features some of the most intriguing moments in manga history. Shinjurou Yuuki vs Inga: Episode Three

Sakura’s Best

Fans of Sherlock Holmes or the Harry Potter series will enjoy the detective genre in a Japanese manga called Keishichou Tokuhanka 007. While shoujo manga are typically aimed at children, this one is a bit older and more mature. This series is made up of five short stories and features Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, two detectives who solve a series of criminal cases. The strange thing is that they are almost always solving the same crimes – and it’s not always what you might expect!

There are some similarities between these two manga. Both are written by the same author, and they share the same overall vibe. Both feature headstrong heroines with special powers. Their love interests are strong females who have special powers. The main male character is also cool and protective of the MC. These similarities are not enough to make a comparison. You need to see the manga for yourself to decide if it’s for you.

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