Manga Like Miss Not So Sidekick

A Manga Like Miss Not So Sidekick

If you are a fan of anime, manga, or other visual novels, you might enjoy a series like Miss Not-So Sidekick. This series follows the adventures of a girl named Ye Jiayao, who finds herself in Ye Jinxuan’s body for the second time. She is determined to open the best restaurant in Huai Song, but is faced with villains who try to tear her down. For more information, read some of these similar series: Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan, Yi Nian Yongheng, and Tian Bao Fuyoo Lu.


If you haven’t watched Miss Not So Sidekick yet, you’re missing out on some fantastic reading. In this Korean isekai manga, a school teacher named Hyejung finds herself trapped in a romance story, The Flower of the Beast. The story centers on a female protagonist named Ibelin, and features three handsome male protagonists. Hyejung is forced to play the role of the villainess Latte Ectrie, a minor character who ends up making a big impression on the female protagonist.


In a romantic manga, a side character – like a Miss Not So Sidekick – makes her way to the top, making her love interest fall in love with her. Beware Of The Villainess, on the other hand, is a story about a female heroine who doesn’t take bullshit and saves the main character from awkward situations. The main character makes a huge impact on the female lead, breaking cliches.


One manga that is similar to Miss Not So Sidekick is My Next Life As a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, which follows a different heroine in each chapter. The heroines are both humorous and cute, but Miss Not So Sidekick is definitely the funnier one. The premise behind the manga is the same, but the story is told from a different point of view.


A manga like Miss Not So Sidekick is a romantic comedy series where a modern-day college student accidentally wakes up as the story’s villainess. The title character, Hyejung, has fallen in love with a male student and has been forced to become a servant in the story. In the meantime, she is trapped in an old romance story known as “The Flower of the Beast”, which centers on the heroine, Ibelin, and three handsome boys. Despite her delusion, she manages to make an impression on her aristocratic counterpart.

Other isekai manga

Other isekai manga like Miss Not So Sidekick are written by Ellian Yang, and they tell the story of a college student, Hyejung, who wakes up as the story’s infamous villainess. In the story, Hyejung plays Latte Ectrie, a villain with no real purpose except to destroy Hyejung’s chances of love. In this way, Miss Not So Sidekick becomes a favorite of many readers.

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