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Is Manga Like Yukarism Right For You?

Is manga like Yukarism right for you? Yukarism is a short series that is worth reading if you love manga. It’s worth reading even if you don’t care about reincarnation stories and impact. Many companies have translated Shiomi’s series into English, including Viz Media and CMX. Some of her series have been licensed by other publishers, including Queen of Ragtonia, Night of the Beasts, and King of Dragons, but most haven’t.

Yukari Kobayakawa

If you are looking for a manga series that is both entertaining and historically accurate, you may want to try Yukari Kobayakawa’s manga series, Yukarism. The story is about a seventeen-year-old boy, Yukari, who has a reincarnation past. His consciousness is redirected back to his past life as a courtesan during Edo. He discovers the mystery behind his sudden death.

Yukarism Volume 3’s plot is very weak. The author has rushed the story to fill four volumes. Yukari’s memories of Yumurasaki, her sister, are not complete. Her interactions with Mahoro and Satomi, her past self, and with each other are far more interesting that Takamura’s. The book has its faults, however.

For one thing, Yukari’s reincarnation is not realistic – the story is very strange and a little twisted, but it is definitely a story worth reading. Yukari Kobayakawa manga series isn’t the only one published in English. Shiomi also published several manga series in English, including Yurara, Rasetsu and Night of the Beasts. Previously, she licensed the rights to Queen of Ragtonia and Night of the Beasts to Aurora Publishing, but that publisher went out of business.

Yukari Kobayakawa, a highly successful author of historical fiction from the Edo period, is a great example of this. The setting is captivating and the story is highly realistic. Yukari, her character, is able to recall her past life as a courtesan. She then begins to relive her former life through dreams, where she meets other reincarnated souls from her past lives. But before she can find out how to kill the man who killed them, she must find the person who killed them all.

Mahoro Tachibana

Yukarism is a time travel novel by Yukari Kobayakawa. The main character is 17-year-old Yukari Kobayakawa, who has gained acclaim for his novels about the Edo period’s pleasure district. However, he has never done any research and only suspects that he may have lived in the Edo period once upon a time. One chapter sees Yukari meet Mahoro Tachibana (an Edo-period courtesan) who wants to shake hands.

Although the plot isn’t very compelling, it is well-paced. The romance takes a backseat to the plot, which is about the past romance and Yukari’s search for the person who killed her previous self. It’s still enjoyable and lasts for a long time. The romance between Yukari and Mahoro is satisfying. Yukari’s curiosity over her past life leads her to this manga.

In this manga, Yukari meets other reincarnated souls. Her ultimate goal is to find her killer. She meets other reincarnated spirits along the way, and tries to track these down in Edo. She eventually discovers the person behind the crimes. The manga is a fast-paced mystery, and readers can’t get enough of it. Don’t let this discourage you. Yukari Tachibana, a manga fan, isn’t alone in being obsessed with reincarnation.

The series follows a young apprentice at a brothel who has a tragic past. Her parents had tried to kill her before selling her to the brothel, and now she hides her face from everyone. Fortunately, she doesn’t freak out when she discovers her former life as Yuumurasaki. Because her soul enters his body while he sleeps, this is why she doesn’t panic. Her assistants, however, are startled by her odd behavior.


Satomi is a young man from present-day Japan. He is the nephew of Yukari’s maid Masa, who injured her back while handling a manuscript. Satomi stepped in to care for Yukari while she recuperated, and had a high-paying job and decent housing privileges. His aunt asked him to become a housekeeper, and it’s obvious he feels a connection with Yukari. Mahoro is eerie about Satomi.

Although Satomi manga and Yukarism share similar themes, each story is different. If you are interested in reincarnation stories, both Yukarism and Satomi manga are worth reading. Yukarism might not be the right manga series for you if you are looking for manga with high impact and lots of action. There are many other series in Shiomi’s portfolio. Viz Media and CMX have both published Yurara, Rasetsu, and Canon in English. Aurora Publishing and Go Comi licensed Queen of Ragtonia but they have since gone out of business.

Yukari, a reincarnated spirit, attempts to find the killer by meeting other souls. After meeting several of them, she hopes to find the murderer in Edo. Yukari is a good person, but she isn’t perfect. She won’t be happy unless she finds the right man. She must be careful or the world will end up like Yukari.


If you’ve read the popular Yukarism manga, you’ll know that it’s quite unique. Yukari is a high school boy’s past self who finds himself in another person’s body to continue living his life. It features similar humor as NG Life, with a high school boy living the life of a female courtesan. The main characters, Mahoro and Satomi, suffer bouts of amnesia and have mysterious dislikes towards one another.

Yukari was born with memories of a past life. His past life was spent as a high-ranking courtesan. His past life is what he writes about in his novels. He didn’t do much research. Essentially, his consciousness slips into a past life and he writes about it. Yukarism is a fascinating story about reincarnation with a touch romance. The manga is not suitable for everyone.

The story revolves around the relationship between the two souls. Yukari was a young girl in a previous life. Her parents tried to kill her. Her parents tried to kill Yukari, so she was sold into a brothel. To avoid being scolded, she used to hide her face in her past lives. Yuumurasaki, an apprentice at the brothel, is the only person she trusts. Hitoha and Yukari met when Hitoha was blacked out. Yukari tries her best to cheer her up after she’s scolded.


If you love reading shojo manga, then you will enjoy Yukarism. Yukari, a seventeen-year-old author, is the subject of the series. Yuumurasaki, her past life, was a courtesan. While sleeping, Yukari lives the life of this previous character. She discovers the secrets of her past life, including how she died so suddenly. Despite her laid-back nature, she does not like to talk about her past life, and she is totally dependent on her housekeeper to do her chores.

The plot of Yukari is fascinating: she is a reincarnation of an Edo-era courtesan. Through her journey, she meets reincarnations of friends, acquaintances, and even the murderer of her past self. As she continues her quest to uncover the truth behind her death, she learns that she was actually murdered in his past life. The plot is very intriguing and the characters have a lot to offer.


A Niina manga like Yukarism is an incredibly popular series for its twisted plot and delightful characters. The series focuses on the young girl Niina, who has memories of her previous life as Chitose. She must fulfill her promise made to her best friend to be with her boyfriend. There are a few volumes of the manga, including the first, “Koi Baka,” which is available. The story centers around Niina’s relationship to Atsurou, her best friend, and her life as an idiot.

Koharu leaves the city and decides to return to his hometown. He returns to find his family in huge debt when he returns. A stranger approaches Koharu to help him repay the debt. However, he already has two wives. Is it possible for the young couple of ten to be together? It is unclear, but Yukari is still willing to try. If only she could find a way to get to her true love.

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