Manuel Dallori

Biography of Manuel Dallori

Manual Dallori, an Italian businessman and club owner, rose to prominence when he married fashion icon Donatella Versace and soon after they divorced after only one year together – although this wasn’t to produce any children from either union.

Antonio and Francesca, Antonio being a salesman and Francesca being a dressmaker respectively. He began his career by joining Versace’s Security and Logistic Department.

Early Life and Education

Manuel Dallori hails from the United States and holds American nationality, belonging to Caucasian White ethnicity. Born in 1969 and currently aged 52 as of 2022.

He started his career in 1996 by moving to Milan, Italy and working for Versace’s security and logistics department – providing him with opportunities to network with some of the world’s most famous figures ranging from models to business people.

Gianni Versace met Donatella Versace for the first time at a restaurant in Calabria and became engaged shortly thereafter. They married that year but after only one year their marriage ended in divorce proceedings. Donatella is known as a fashion designer herself as well as Gianni’s sister; Gianni founded his luxury fashion house.

Professional Career

Manuel Dallori is an entrepreneur who founded several projects such as The Cliff and The Beach. Additionally, he is also an investor and businessman; according to his Instagram profile he enjoys traveling and discovering new places, as well as driving supercars.

A 53-year-old man who shares his luxurious life on social media boasts over 10 million followers on Twitter alone.

Donatella Versace, sister to Gianni Versace, first met him in a restaurant in Calabria before becoming close. Their romance blossomed further when they eventually got engaged before both sets of parents; eventually getting married in 2004 but dissolving after only one year due to some miscommunication between them.

The couple are parents to two children: Allegra Versace Beck and Daniel Versace.

Achievement and Honors

Manuel Dallori is an esteemed businessman. He founded and operates The Cliff, Beach luxury club as well as owning several luxurious properties in South Beach Florida. Furthermore, Manuel hails from America with Caucasian White ethnicity background. Donatella Versace was a well-known Italian fashion designer when they met and got married in 2004; however, due to some miscommunication between them in 2005 their marriage ended abruptly without producing any children from this union. Donatella Versace, Donatella’s wife and the Chief Creative Officer for Versace under Capri Holdings. As an internationally acclaimed designer she played an essential part in designing Palazzo Versace Dubai (opened 2016), as well as receiving the GQ Award for Fashion Icon in 2018.

As well, she serves on the board of Zelo’s, an Italian restaurant chain.

Personal Life

Manuel Dallori is an Italian businessman and entrepreneur. Previously he was married to Donatella Versace – fashion royalty of her day – for eight years until 2004 when they decided on divorce due to some miscommunication between themselves. They do not share any children from this union.

After arriving in Milan in 1996 and working as the security and logistic manager for fashion brand Versace, he went on to work in its security and logistic department – connecting him with some of the world’s most prominent celebrities from models to businessmen. Subsequently he expanded his business by opening Beach club across Italy – eventually owning and managing it privately as well as operating Monte Bianco Private Limited as brand manager of Zelo’s.

Net Worth

He boasts an impressive net worth that comes from his business investments. Donatella Versace earns a good salary as well as significant amounts from photo shoots and brand deals, in addition to her annual salary.

Manuel relocated to Milan in 1996 where he began working for fashion brand Versace as part of their security and logistics team, giving him the chance to network with some of the world’s most famous celebrities. Later he established Monte Bianco Private Limited Society and invested in several prominent trendy locations like The Club, Hollywood, Venus Milano Beach Club as well as many others.

Donatella Versace and Paul Beck had been divorced after 17 years of marriage; Versace then became her second spouse and stepfather of their children Allegra Versace Beck and Daniel Versace.

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