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Marble and its use in the modern kitchen

Every woman wants modern kitchen equipment. Achieving the look you want is not an easy task at all. When it comes to kitchen design, some elements are of great importance. What are they and what should be considered?

For the design of a kitchen area, the wall units and wall units, the cooking island, the sink and the kitchen accessories are particularly important. The overall look of all these elements is complemented by the respective worktops. Today we are dealing with a popular material for countertops, namely marble. Because what could be nicer than the impressive look of a natural material? We look at luxurious versions of the kitchen countertops and explain why they have certain advantages and disadvantages.

White marble kitchen worktops

The fine grain and elegant look make marble a coveted material for kitchen countertops

Modern kitchen island worktop natural stone, rough sanded

White marble combined with wood in traditional kitchens with vintage accents

Marble tops Kitchen island Trend material metal tones

Glamorous kitchen: marble tops and shiny metal tones

Marble worktops wooden floor rebate

The wooden floor and wall cupboard compensate for the cool effect of the marble tops

The advantages

The natural stone kitchen countertops are widely used in western countries. Their stable appearance comes into its own in the spacious, modern kitchen.

The marble surface can have a variety of finishes: polished, honed, brushed, antique or rough; as well as different edges: straight, half-round, rounded or squiggled. Despite the wide range of colors of the material, one usually prefers the polished surface of a white marble with natural grain. Every natural stone has a unique texture, which you naturally want when designing it.

The natural stone is extremely hard-wearing, frost and heat resistant. Used as a worktop or counter, it offers a stylish, shiny preparation surface. Attention should also be paid to its sensitivity to acids. Its polished surface is waterproof and easy to care for. The embossed grain, the noble elegance and crystal structure make the material a favorite.

Our tip: The smooth marble does not catch any dust particles in its pores, which is why it would be a clever solution for those who are allergic to house dust.

Kitchen design worktops marble metal stove

A great optical effect is created in combination with metal surfaces

Polished marble countertops on kitchen hardwood floors

Classic marble in white is used in all furnishing styles

Marble natural stone coloring on multiple sides

The marble is available in many colors, here in light gray

Marble worktop mirror-image white gray

Some marble stones have gray, protruding veins

The disadvantages

The natural stones are of high quality and therefore expensive in most cases. Therefore, consider whether such an investment would make sense for you. Another disadvantage points to the appearance of dull spots on a much-used marble kitchen worktop. In this case it will have to be repolished by a specialist in order to restore the original shine. Because it is susceptible to discoloration, the surface does not have to come into contact with vinegar, wine or fruit acids.

Kitchen island high gloss grain marble white

With a smooth, high-gloss surface, the color and grain come into their own

Kitchen island with elegant marble surface

An individual, elegant look is guaranteed with the help of a marble surface

Marble countertops care cleaning

Never use cleaning agents that may contain acidic components on marble slabs

Marble classic practical investment

Investing in high-quality marble worktops is worthwhile in the long term

The beauty of the natural material marble is undisputed. It is not at all a coincidence that this venerable Wahl is one of the most popular surfaces for the kitchen to this day.

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