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Marble brings a high level of aesthetics to the luxurious bathroom

If you are currently building a new house or renovating your old bathroom, you will find the perfect source of inspiration for new design ideas in the modern bathroom. Today we are taking a close look at a classic natural material – the wonderful marble. This is not only timeless, it can make any bathroom shine. Because luxury is primarily associated with marble. For this reason, your marble bathroom is actually predestined! On the one hand it meets the highest standards in bathroom design, on the other hand it is characterized by luxury and perfectionism. In this article we show you breathtaking examples of pictures that prove exactly this point of view. The luxury bathrooms presented here are prime examples of high aesthetics and craftsmanship in the bathroom. In short, they leave nothing to be desired! Take some time to scroll down and enjoy the use of marble in the bathroom!

Marble can make every bathroom shine.

Marmor im Bad schickes Badezimmer graue Marmorplatten Bodenfliesen großer Spiegel rechts viel Licht

The timeless natural material sets new standards in modern bathroom design.

Marmor im Bad interessante Maserung smaragdgrün weiß goldglänzende Armatur

A look back: marble has been used in bathrooms since ancient times

Marble speaks and he has a lot to tell! The noble natural stone has symbolized wealth and splendor since ancient times. In ancient Rome, dreamlike baths were built out of marble, where the Romans liked to linger. At that time, the classic marble bathroom was equipped with a steam chamber. Luxurious bathing was part of the Roman bathing culture and philosophy of life. Today we still admire numerous Roman baths on the territory of all of Europe. The precious stone was also popular during the Renaissance. For example, real marble was a popular material from the brilliant Michelangelo. This is what the unique works of art he left us speak of. History teaches us that rich people, artists and stonemasons appreciated the noble marble as a material for the bathroom. It was just as popular in the Baroque, Art Deco and Italian Palazzi styles as it is today.

Although it was difficult to extract, process and transport real marble in every style period, it remains the timeless stone that one likes to have at home.

How exactly you design your bathroom and how much marble you use there is up to you.

Marmor im Bad Badewanne Waschtisch aus grauem Marmor Fenster zwei Spiegel ein großes Wandbild

With your bathroom design, however, you express your own style and taste.

Marmor im Bad Dusche Wand aus grauem Marmor Retro Armatur Holzhocker rechts

Marble in the bathroom symbolizes high aesthetics, elegance and opulence

Everything is perfect in a marble bathroom. Or rather, it should be like that! The metamorphic stone impresses with its sublime color palette and subtle grain. You can find top quality marble in almost every imaginable color. In luxury bathrooms, marble slabs and marble tiles in white, emerald green and black are particularly preferred because they stand out and create a wow factor. But those in delicate pink or gray are also very popular.

Emerald green marble in the bathroom even lets your soul dangle!

Marmor im Bad smaragdgrün etwas Holz Waschtisch auffälliges Baddesign

It is perfectly combined with white bathroom furniture. The contrast is overwhelming.

Marmor im Bad smaragdgrün weiße Badewanne WC Badschrank Kontraste schaffen

Apart from the natural color nuances, the entire design is extremely precise, so that it meets the highest aesthetic standards. If you think real marble would make your bathroom look something opulent, then you are wrong. Each marble bathroom is stylish and elegant. Regardless of whether you enrich it with vintage or retro elements or prefer to opt for minimalism in the bathroom. The popular stone makes every bathroom sophisticated. More precisely, marble turns it into a wellness oasis that you don’t want to leave. Equip the bathroom design with exquisite fittings and stylish bathroom furniture and you get a luxurious bathroom of the highest class.

Black marble in the bathroom meets the highest demands for high aesthetics and opulence.

Marmor im Bad auffälliges Baddesign schwarzer Marmor Dusche weiße Badewanne goldglänzende Armatur viel Tageslicht Dachfenster

Gray marble slabs also look trendy in the modern bathroom.

Marmor im Bad auffälliges Baddesign in Grautönen Fenster Badewanne Glaswand Waschtisch Holz Badpflanzen

In a marble bathroom, functionality is just as important as aesthetics

We believe that nature is the greatest artist. In terms of color design of the marble, she gives us all possible shades of pastel tones. This means that many color combinations are possible. Real marble always allows us to stow over it. In addition, an excellent marbling can be seen, which actually never repeats itself exactly. But that does not mean that the plus points of marble are exhausted. Especially when used in the bathroom, it scores with high resilience and good slip resistance. You can order the stone with a milled, brushed, honed or polished surface. But every time you will admire the visual effect of matt shimmering walls or glossy floors. However, there is no risk of slipping on it. In addition, marble is easy to clean without losing its shine and natural look. With good care, you will have a luxurious bathroom for many years, which combines high aesthetics and functionality in design.

Sure you want a marble bathroom like that, right?

Only a marble wall can be so eye-catching!

Marmor im Bad graue Marmorwand eyecatching weiße Badewanne davor schwarze Leiter Handtücher silberne Armatur

Marble slabs shaded in light gray tones can be paired with tiles with a wood look.

Marmor im Bad Marmorplatten in Hellgrau WC Waschtisch Glaswand Dusche Fliesen in Holzoptik gute Kombination

Marmor im Bad grau dominiert Badewanne Wanddeko Badetücher gestapelt

Marmor im Bad Grau dominiert Duschecke Glaswand Spiegel Waschtisch

Marmor im Bad Waschtisch Spiegel Fenster Grau dominiert Holzhocker gestapelte Handtücher

The right bathroom lighting is of paramount importance here.

Marmor im Bad in Beige interessante Maserung Strahler eingebaute Beleuchtung

Marmor im Bad in Beige und Weiß Waschtisch Schrank Spiegel gute Beleuchtung

Marmor im Bad gemusterte Bodenfliesen Hängeleuchten gute Beleuchtung runder Spiegel

Marmor im Bad in Retro Stil Wandspiegel Lampen beiderseits gute Beleuchtung Hängeleuchten

Marmor im Bad Holz großer Spiegel visueller Effekt eingebaute Deckenbeleuchtung

Large mirrors make any bathroom look bigger, but in a marble bathroom they create more of a wow factor.

Marmor im Bad Waschtisch Spiegel Wandlampe Fliesen in Fischgrätenmuster verlegt

Marmor im Bad großer rechteckiger Wandspiegel über dem Waschtisch Wow Effekt Vase mit weißen Blumen

Marmor im Bad großer rechteckiger Spiegel Steinwand Waschtisch Badewanne

The retro-style bronze bathroom fitting enhances the classic look of this marble bathroom.

Marmor im Bad grau dominiert Badarmatur Bronze im Retro Stil klassischer Look

Marmor im Bad Armatur Bronze Duschecke Glaswand Leiter an der Wand Badewanne links

All white bathrooms are amazingly beautiful!

Marmor im Bad Weiß grauer Boden Glaswand Dusch Badewanne

The strong presence of the marble can bring out the bathtub.

Marmor im Bad starke Präsenz Marmorwand weiße Badewanne vorne eingebaute Deckenbeleuchtung

Marmor im Bad Kontraste schaffen Weiß Dunkelgrün runder Spiegel Waschbecken Badewanne rechts

Marmor im Bad sehr einladend wirkend weiße Badewanne vor dem Fenstervase mit Blumen viel Tageslicht

Marmor im Bad runde Badewanne aus hellgrauem Marmor Holzvertäfelung großes Fenster viel Tageslicht

Marmor im Bad großes Fenster Blick zum Hinterhof Waschtisch aus smaragdgrünem Marmor

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