Mario Balotelli Net Worth

Mario Balotelli Net Worth

Mario Balotelli is one of the most famous footballers of all time. He has achieved a lot in his life and has a great net worth. However, he has a controversial past and has had ups and downs in his career. In fact, he has been subject to a number of controversies and has a bad reputation.

Although Mario has had a difficult childhood, he has been able to rise above his circumstances and become one of the best players in the world. His career has taken him to a variety of different clubs and he has earned a large fortune. Some of the clubs he has played for include Manchester City, Internazionale, Milan and Liverpool.

Mario Balotelli is an Italian footballer who was born on August 12, 1990. He was adopted as a child by an Italian couple, Silvia and Francesco Balotelli, after his parents could not afford to provide for him.

Although he is a highly successful footballer, he is also a socialite. He has dated several women and has had a number of relationships. He has had a daughter with his girlfriend, Rafella Fico, but has never married her. Another woman, Fanny Neguesha, has been involved in his life, but the two have called off their engagement.

Although he has had a few controversies in his career, Mario is a talented player who has been a major force in Italian soccer. He has scored a number of goals during his career, most of which came during the 2012 Euro tournament. Since then, he has been a part of Italian teams, which has led to him being a member of the Serie A.

When he was just three years old, Mario was placed in foster care due to his parents’ inability to pay for his health care. At age fifteen, he made his professional debut with Lumezzane, and at sixteen, he was bought by Internazionale. This was his first professional contract, and he has played for various clubs in Italy and England since then. Despite being a highly paid footballer, he gives almost half of his salary to poor children in Italy and Africa.

He was once in the news for his erratic behaviour and strained relationship with former manager Jose Mourinho. Eventually, he was suspended from the first team for the 2009 season. During the same year, his car was impounded in Manchester and his home in Chester was damaged after a fireworks mishap.

In 2010, Mario was signed by Manchester City for 21.8 million euros. However, he was not selected for the European Cup. During his time with the club, he had a strained relationship with Mourinho, and his performance in the 2010 World Cup was not good.

He has been a popular figure in Italy, and has even been featured on the cover of Time Magazine. His ability to score goals, combined with his natural talent, has helped him become famous around the world. And he is one of the most recognizable and controversial footballers of all time.

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