Mark Morril

Mark Morril works at Morril ADR and offers clients his expertise on Alternative Dispute Resolution legal matters. He possesses extensive knowledge in complex commercial disputes.

He served as Senior Disputes Lawyer of Simon & Schuster and as the Deputy General Counsel of ViacomCBS (television, motion pictures and large industrial operations). Prior to that he served as Law Firm Litigation Partner as well as Public Policy Worker before serving as Federal District Court Law Clerk.

Early Life and Education

Morril achieved national renown through a combination of courage and dedication to Victorian ideals. Aside from his lucrative mercantile ventures, he founded Brown County’s first bank as well as serving on both legislative bodies of his free state legislature. Additionally, he led an anti-financial crisis committee aimed at upholding moral standards while encouraging temperance, education, and moral upholdance throughout Brown County.

He entered national politics at a time when the new Republican Party was rapidly outshouting its Whig predecessors, taking full advantage of this trend by pushing through Congress the Second Morrill Act and successfully merging Vermont State Agricultural College and University into one institution; also included was language guaranteeing land grant institutions could not discriminate against people of color.

Professional Career

Mark Morril of New York City has extensive experience arbitrating and mediating large, complex commercial disputes related to transactions, post-closing adjustments, insurance coverage, distribution agreements, joint ventures and partnerships as well as intellectual property, entertainment media technology telecom energy disputes.

He has served on various task forces and working groups focusing on issues related to arbitration, such as emergency arbitration, cybersecurity in international arbitration proceedings, ADR in arbitration processes and emergency arbitrations. Additionally, he has spoken and written extensively on these subjects.

Prior to his current work as an arbitrator, Mr. Regan served as senior disputes lawyer at ViacomCBS where he oversaw its enterprise-wide litigation and alternative dispute resolution docket. Additionally, he served on Simon & Schuster’s executive committee as manager for their global law department as well as outside counsel relationships.

Achievement and Honors

Morril was featured as one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch in 2011, performing multiple times on both their flagship show as well as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, @midnight with Chris Hardwick, his own Comedy Central special Positive Influence that premiered in 2018 and Amy Schumer’s Inside Amy Schumer series in 2020.

Prior to founding his neutral practice in 2012, Mr. Martin served as General Counsel of Simon & Schuster (then the world’s largest English language publisher) and as Deputy General Counsel for global media company ViacomCBS. For further details about his corporate experience, ADR training programs, speaking engagements or any other tab of this website he can be reached directly by following this link.

Neutrally, he has addressed complex commercial disputes related to contracts, transactions and post-closing adjustments; insurance coverage; music licensing agreements; preferred nations pricing arrangements; intellectual property relating to copyrights, trademarks and patents; entertainment/media issues as well as energy production/generation.

Personal Life

Morril has served as an arbitrator in 14 international cases identified by Jus Mundi and also mediated several significant commercial disputes.

Mr. Fahey possesses extensive expertise in handling complex commercial disputes arising out of transactions and post-closing adjustments, insurance coverage, partnerships and joint ventures, intellectual property matters, mergers and acquisitions as well as the distribution of pay television and movie content. In addition to these matters, he has lectured at law schools on arbitration topics and professional ethics topics.

Morril is married and the father of two children. Through his biological father he is related to actor Ansel Elgort; and nephew to fashion photographer Arthur Elgort (fashion photography). Morril is also an active member of the New York City Bar and served as chair of its Task Force on New Lawyers in a Changing Profession.

Net Worth

Mark Morril has become one of the highest-paid comedians in his profession. From ticket sales and other sources, he reaps profits that add up quickly. Additionally, his face can often be found appearing in shows on television.

He also excels as an arbitrator and mediator, handling complex commercial, particularly international disputes. Additionally, he has extensive transactional experience having served as corporate attorney for thirteen years – including serving as general counsel of Simon & Schuster while simultaneously overseeing ViacomCBS’ large worldwide law department and outside counsel relationships.

His parents, Marilyn Greenberg and Mark Charles Morril are Ashkenazi Jewish; his maternal grandfather owned Loehmann’s clothing stores chain; he has two step-siblings; he graduated from Browning School in Manhattan as well as Tulane University in New Orleans.

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