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Henry – A Multi-Talent Wrestler

Henry was three-time US National Weightlifting Champion and was the only WWE wrestler ever to compete on both Raw and ECW simultaneously. Additionally, he serves as a mentor and trainer for new wrestlers.

On the June 17 episode of Raw, he teased retirement before interrupting WWE Champion John Cena and hitting him with his World’s Strongest Slam – initiating an ongoing feud between them both.

Early Life and Education

Henry was raised as an avid wrestling fan. His favorite wrestler was Andre the Giant.

At his high school, he became state champion weightlifter as well as playing football. Later, he attended Wiley College to study education.

He began training in Olympic style of lifting, which is more refined than powerlifting, to help him become a more accomplished lifter. This enabled him to be more successful as an Olympic lifter.

On January 10 of SmackDown, Henry competed in a Battle Royal for the World Heavyweight Championship and was eliminated by Kurt Angle, sparking off a feud between Henry and Big Show, especially following their clash backstage and during matches (including when Henry chokeslammed Big Show through an announce table), before they would eventually unite against The Shield at Vengeance.

Professional Career

Henry returned to WWE TV as a heel in January 1998, joining the Nation of Domination faction and engaging in feuds against D-Generation X while working a romance angle with Chyna.

In 2008, Henry joined ECW and won its vacant Championship, making history by becoming the first African American champion since 2007.

Henry began acting out against Big Show after they clashed at Vengeance; Big Show had destroyed an announce table and manhandled Henry, prompting Henry to attack both backstage and at his next match against Big Show.

On the August 19 episode of SmackDown, Henry won a 20-man battle royal and earned himself a World Heavyweight Championship match against Sheamus at Night of Champions. At SummerSlam, Henry hit Sheamus with his World’s Strongest Slam finisher.

Achievement and Honors

On Raw’s June 29 episode, Henry joined Barry Windham and Rocky Maivia to take on Sheamus, Crush, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Goldust in a gauntlet match which they lost. This resulted in Sheamus Brogue Kicking Henry as part of an on-going feud between them both.

On July 19 during the WWE draft, Henry was selected for Raw brand by General Manager Mick Foley who then organized an United States Championship match between Rusev and Henry; although Henry lost that battle he quickly allied himself with Goldust and R-Truth.

Henry was part of a three-member tag team with two other wrestlers known as RybAxel (Ryback and Curtis Axel), but they were unsuccessful when challenging for Ryback’s and Curtis Axel’s championship titles later that year. Later that year, Henry started competing in powerlifting competitions; holding Texas high school records in each lift (squat (1200 lb), bench press (285 lb), and deadlift (805 lb), as well as world records performances in all three lifts during high school years – in addition to wrestling work on WWE shows!

Personal Life

Henry was an accomplished weightlifter and strongman competitor, winning several strongman competitions along the way – such as Arnold Strongman Classic in 2002. Additionally, Henry won three U.S National Weightlifting titles, one American Open title and was twice featured as U.S Olympic Festival victor.

After returning to Raw from his TV hiatus, Henry began teaming with MVP often and engaging in a scripted feud with Finlay and Hornswoggle. Later he qualified for WrestleMania XXV’s Money in the Bank ladder match against CM Punk but lost to Big Show; Henry then turned heel by attacking superstars and injuring Big Show with fake injuries before finally participating in a 20-man number one contender battle royal at Elimination Chamber, replacing an injured Rusev but ultimately succumbed to Sheamus’ defeat at Elimination Chamber;

Net Worth

Henry Henry has become an iconic figure in professional wrestling, but he also stands out as an Olympic weightlifter, powerlifter and strongman. A multi-talented athlete, Henry has earned multiple world championships throughout his career with WWE.

Over two decades ago, this employee joined the company. Since then, he has gained fame thanks to his physical strength and intimidatory ability, rising quickly through his ranks to prominence. Additionally, he’s engaged in philanthropic projects such as running an initiative for Silsbee, Texas in which he gives back.

Henry boasts an estimated net worth of 4.5 million and lives in Austin with his wife Jana and son Jacob. His unique physique was developed over years of rigorous powerlifting training as well as competitive wrestling events.

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