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Marshall Coben Net Worth – The Husband of Jane Leeves

Marshall Coben is an entrepreneur and executive for CBS Paramount Television, as well as being well known for his acting career and as being married to English actress Jane Leeves.

Coben has worked as a cameraman on television shows such as Father Dowling Mysteries and skateboarding race documentary Signal Hill Speed Run, earning up to $50k per month for himself and an estimated net worth of $2 Million.

Early Life and Education

Marshall Coben is an esteemed American actor best known as being Jane Leeves’ husband. They have two children together: Isabella Kathryn Coben and Finn William Leeves Coben – they have been happily married for over 20 years and Coben remains extremely private about his past relationships and affiliations.

He began his professional career as a production associate on television shows such as Father Dowling Mysteries, featuring an investigating Catholic priest investigating various crimes in his hometown. The show used plot lines from Ralph McInerny books but never changed them significantly for television.

He also featured in the inaugural skateboarding race documentary ‘Signal Hill Speed Run’ in 2013, which put him on the map. This documentary launched his career.

Professional Career

Marshall Coben has been an integral part of the industry for more than a decade. Beginning as a post-production assistant for Father Dowling Mysteries (Father Dowling Investigates), he ultimately gained widespread fame after appearing as an interviewee in a documentary film called Signal Hill Speed Run in 2013.

Coben and Jane Leeves enjoy a joyful life together as parents to Finn William Leeves Coben and Isabella Kathryn Coben, as well as living next door to Frasier co-star Peri Gilpin (they serve as godparents to her daughter’s goddaughter).

The CBS executive keeps his personal life private, not sharing any details on social media about it. However, he looks fantastic for his age and maintains a healthy weight; his eyes feature dark earthy tones.

Achievement and Honors

Jane Leeves is a renowned actress who has received multiple awards and nominations, appearing in more than 52 movies and TV shows since making her acting debut in 1981’s Nice to See You!. In 2014 she created and produced Simpler Times; an short film she created herself.

She first came to prominence for her role as Daphne Moon on NBC’s Frasier. Additionally, she is an accomplished singer and dancer, making an impressionful portrayal of Joy Scroggs in TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland sitcom even more successful in garnering her further fame.

Marshall Coben is an esteemed businessman. He made a name for himself as a post-production assistant on Father Dowling Mysteries TV show as well as acting in 2013 documentary Signal Hill Speed Run documentary.

Personal Life

Marshall Coben is an accomplished scholar and professional who has enjoyed great success in his professional career. Since 1994, he has been working for CBS Paramount Television as an employee with highly lucrative salaries; with an estimated net worth estimated to be $3 Million and living in Malibu he lives comfortably in luxury.

Marshall is an American of mixed heritage who has yet to share details about his early life and parents publicly. He loves being a father to his daughter and son; their joy brings great happiness into his life. On December 21, 1996 he married Jane Leeves.

Marshall and Nicole have been in a relationship for 20 years and remain very contented. Both of their children excel at various aspects of life, while Marshall even made his acting debut with Fraiser.

Net Worth

Marshall Coben currently boasts an estimated net worth of over $3 Million as of 2023, having amassed his fortune primarily through his work as an executive producer and post-production assistant on various projects.

He generally stays out of the media spotlight. However, his wife Jane Leeves is well-known in Hollywood as an established actress.

She is best-known for her role as Daphne Moon in the television show Frasier. This earned her an average weekly pay rate of $367k per episode; and today the couple reside in the United States living a luxurious lifestyle.

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