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Paul Gascoigne’s Stepson Mason is Expecting His First Child

Paul Gascoigne is “delighted” to become a grandfather for the first time. Mason, one of Paul’s stepson’s, recently announced he’s expecting with glamour model girlfriend Jaimee Wyatt and this has put Paul overjoyed.

Mason is Bianca’s half-brother and recently appeared in Channel 4’s Surviving Gazza series as her TV personality and glamour model half brother. Mason made an impassioned plea to his father, Tom, that he seek help for alcohol abuse issues.

Early Life and Education

Bianca Gascoigne, better known by her nickname Gazza, and Mason are half siblings from Sheryl and Paul Gascoigne (aka Gazza). Both children belong to Sheryl as they share her ex-husband Paul Gascoigne as parents.

After being discovered by Newcastle United scouts, he went on to play several local teams before being discovered by them and becoming one of England’s most promising young players – but also an often divisive figure off-field.

Off-field shenanigans for him included his longstanding addiction to gambling machines and shoplifting to fund it. Additionally, he became famous for his rages; during the early 2000s he got involved in domestic disputes and punched a reporter before eventually retiring from playing and becoming a television commentator; also taking part in Soccer Aid 1.

Professional Career

Mason Gascoigne, commonly referred to by his nickname Gazza, was born in Cambridgeshire, England on February 8, 1989.

He started his career at Newcastle United as a youth player, quickly making an impressionful mark in the league. Later he switched clubs, moving onto Tottenham Hotspur – helping win several prestigious titles including FA Cup and Scottish Premier League championships alongside them.

He was an integral player for England at the 1990 World Cup, leading them to reach the semifinals. But his off-field antics caused controversy among British media. He struggled with alcohol addiction throughout his career and sought treatment multiple times; additionally he experienced mental health issues before eventually retiring from professional soccer.

Achievement and Honors

Paul Gascoigne holding up the Sports Personality of the Year award is an iconic image, perfectly summarizing his professional life and achievements. The former English footballer exudes pride and satisfaction upon receiving such an honor.

He played for several top clubs, such as Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio and Rangers – as well as representing England on an international stage.

Mason Kyle, Sheryl’s eldest child with former husband Colin Kyle, was adopted by Gazza and takes his surname. Currently working for global leisure brands as Senior Sales Manager.

Gazza has two siblings; Bianca has made her mark as a glamour model and television personality, while his stepson Mason (32), along with Jaimee Wyatt, had recently announced they were expecting their first child together. Gazza recently found out this news through Mason himself.

Personal Life

Mason Gascoigne is the son of former footballer Paul Gascoigne (known as Gazza). Born in Cambridgeshire, England on 4 March 1989; his biological father is Colin Kyle but later married Sheryl Gascoigne and adopted her surname for himself and Mason Gascoigne as their surnames.

Mason is an established senior sales manager for international leisure brands. He shares a close bond with both of his siblings – Bianca has become well known as both an actress and glamour model for television programs such as VH1.

In 2023, it was revealed that Mason and Jaimee Wyatt were expecting their first child together. News quickly spread among fans who expressed their happiness for both of them on social media platforms such as Twitter. Paul expressed his joy over Mason’s news while also offering his best wishes for their journey forward.

Net Worth

Mason Gascoigne is represented by a talent agency that represents actors, reality show hosts, athletes and dancers. Additionally, Mason works as a dancer to generate extra income. Furthermore, he holds Advanced Open Water and Padi Coral Reef Research Diver certifications, providing talks on marine conservation issues.

Gazza earned around $30 or $40 million annually at his peak, yet alcoholism drained much of this fortune away. In 2016, he paid an enormous tax bill in order to stave off bankruptcy.

Gascoigne married Sheryl Failes in 1996 and adopted their children, Mason and Bianca. Additionally, Gascoigne has two biological sons from his first wife Colin Kyle but since their divorce has not spoken of either child publicly. Additionally, Gascoigne does not have any additional children of his own besides himself and Bianca who they adopted as his own.

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