Matina Lagina

Matina Lagina – Sister of Marty Lagina

Many may recognize Matina Lagina as the sister of Marty Lagina, an American engineer and reality television star who shot to prominence after appearing on The Curse of Oak Island History Channel series.

He earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University. Additionally, he has several businesses such as his vineyard that bring in additional income.

Early Life and Education

Matina Lagina, Marty Lagina’s sister and owner of Mari Vineyards is an introverted vintner who rarely shares much about herself or her personal life.

Marty has achieved fame after appearing on History Channel’s reality show The Curse of Oak Island. A professional engineer with vast expertise in petroleum engineering, Marty has become a household name.

His studies in mechanical engineering at Michigan Technological University included his undergraduate work. His mother was also an engineer working at Lake Shore Engineering; Rick, his brother who recently appeared on reality TV show is also an engineer and retired postal worker with two children of his own.

Professional Career

Marty Lagina, an engineer and TV personality from America, first gained popularity through appearing in History Channel reality show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ alongside his brother Rick. He hails from George Jacob and Ann C Lagina’s family tree.

He graduated from Kingsford High School in 1973 and attended Michigan Technological University to obtain his Mechanical Engineering degree, after which he started work as a Petroleum Engineer for Amoco Production Company.

He has ventured into entrepreneurship as well, founding Villa Mari Vineyards and producing The Curse of Oak Island and Drilling Down films, VML Productions film production company and investing millions of dollars into searching for Oak Island’s secrets.

Achievement and Honors

Matina Lagina is best known to the general public as Marty Lagina’s sister, an engineer and reality TV star featured on History Channel’s popular series titled ‘The Curse of Oak Island.” His fame skyrocketed following this appearance.

The show centers around a hunt for treasure on Nova Scotia’s Oak Island by two brothers who have spent millions to fulfill their dream.

Mari Vineyards, run by their family in Northern Michigan and producing world-class red wines in their ancestral style. Mari’s sister’s simple goal for the company: producing wine of high quality. Being shy herself, she remains under wraps about much of her personal life – though she has revealed some information such as being married with son Alex and daughter Maddie.

Personal Life

Matina Lagina became widely recognized after appearing on the History Channel’s reality program The Curse of Oak Island alongside her brother Marty. Both siblings quickly earned fame due to their efforts uncovering hidden treasures on Oak Island as seen in this documentary series.

Marty is believed to be married, with two children named Alex and Maddie living with him in Traverse, Michigan USA. A successful businessman, engineer, and vintner who has built an immense fortune through television broadcasting; Marty currently resides at home.

He earned his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Michigan and immediately embarked on his professional life working for Amoco Production Company as a petroleum engineer before creating Terra Energy Limited, his own firm.

Net Worth

Matina Lagina hails from an esteemed family and leads an extravagant lifestyle. Her brother Marty is a popular TV personality renowned for earning millions with The Curse of Oak Island series.

He is also a well-recognized engineer and owns Mari Vineyards in Michigan, as well as heritage Sustainable, an energy company dedicated to investing in renewable energies.

Matina’s other brothers include Kent and Rick, both famous TV personalities who enjoy spending time together as a family and frequently traveling together. Not much is known about Matina’s personal life or whether or not she’s married; however, she may have two children with her spouse; no details exist as far as height and weight measurements are concerned.

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