Mayerosch: New Wanda off-road tires

thumbs 20100700dch017The off-road tire specialist Mayerosch has taken over the distribution of Wanda Tire’s ATV tires in German-speaking countries…

The exceptional tread depth of Wanda ATV tires is designed to give the rider enormous traction and a longer lifespan than conventional tires. They are also said to have exceptional off-road traction, robust carcass construction and aggressive aesthetics.
At the moment the ATV-Pellen are available in the following tire sizes:

  • 25×8-12 and 25×10-12
  • 27×9-12 and 27×12-12
  • 28×10-12 and 28×12-12
  • 27×9-14 and 27×11-14

The following ATV radial tires are in preparation and should be available from autumn:

  • 25 x 8 R 12 and 25 x 10 R 12
  • 26 x 9 R 14 and 27 x 11 R 14
  • 26 x 9 R 15 and 26 x 11 R 15

thumbs 20100700dch013Mayerosch recommends combining the tires with Vision Wheel’s ‘Outback’ rims. “An eye-catcher for every ATV and UTV,” promises Peter Mayerosch, who also has these rims in his range.

Contact: Mayerosch off-road tires

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