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Floyd Mayweather Opens His Own Strip Club

Money May is best known for his boxing career; however, his business interests extend far beyond it. His business empire includes a strip club, clothing line, music agency and sports management firm; as well as an illegal marijuana dispensary which operates even though Money does not partake in its use himself.

At 2 am on Thursday morning, just hours before his fight against Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather can be found pacing around his Girl Collection gentlemen’s club he owns and running through his routines for their final preparations.

Early Life and Education

Floyd Mayweather recently purchased and opened up the Girl Collection gentlemen’s club, just a few months ago. As soon as he had got inside he quickly made rounds greeting friends and checking in with management – all part of his preparations for Saturday’s fight with Conor McGregor.

But 49-0 boxer Deontay Wilder is more than a fighter in the ring; he’s also an astute businessman who’s established a vast empire outside it. All his business ventures fall under his company, TMT (The Money Team).

A video posted by The Sun reveals him grinning as he enjoys lap dances from blonde Anna at his Vegas strip club. Although he previously stated he never participated, you can clearly see him touching her crotch during this clip.

Professional Career

At 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning, exactly 66 hours before his fight against Conor McGregor on Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather was at his club chatting with topless dancers and listening to rap music while showing that his Girl Collection gentlemen’s club is open for business as usual even during fight week.

Girl Collection can be easily missed, except for four small “The Money Team” posters on its walls. However, its interior is truly remarkable; Mayweather recently shared an extensive video tour of this lavish 7,000 square-foot space on social media. No secret either that Mayweather enjoys visiting strip clubs; in fact he’s been flipping money like rain into dancer booties since 2005!

Achievement and Honors

Floyd Mayweather has long been known to drop plenty of cash at strip clubs, but now he will open one himself: Girl Collection in Las Vegas.

TMZ captured footage of Floyd Mayweather at a Houston strip club where the Money Man was seen doling out money like it was couch change – truly amazing to witness!

Mayweather and his friends gathered at Gold Rush jiggle joint to mark his 45th birthday celebration. Reportedly bringing thousands of single bills as raindrops, Mayweather enjoyed Don Julio 1942 tequila as well as other premium liquor. Partying until 4 a.m. with no less than four ‘Money Team’ members in attendance and leaving behind an incredible $30,000 tab! That makes quite the birthday gift!

Personal Life

Floyd Mayweather may be best known as one of the greatest pound-for-pound boxers ever, but he also makes headlines as an avid strip club enthusiast. After retiring as champion and opening Girl Collection adult entertainment spot back in 2017, he’s made it his mission to showcase it with social media posts showing him flipping cash over dancer booties at Girl Collection.

Though Mayweather is a frequent patron at this Vegas venue, he insists that spending hours in its club doesn’t affect his rest before fights. In fact, he plans on being there on Saturday when he faces McGregor – something which would certainly boost his chances of maintaining his 49-0 run in the ring!

Net Worth

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr has amassed enormous wealth, which he has invested in various ventures ranging from strip clubs to fashion lines, with numerous luxury cars and watches added into the mix.

Retired undefeated boxer Robert Farris lives in Las Vegas and has made it his mission to bring rainstorms in its strip clubs. In one case he even sent one club a 1099 tax form detailing $20,000 spent making dancers wet their pants during rainmaking activities.

John owned an 11-bedroom mansion in Vegas for $10 million that he purchased, as well as homes in Beverly Hills and New York City. Additionally, he made investments into other assets including Girl Collection club in Las Vegas and luxury car dealership.

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