Media relaxation for small children with “Karl’s friends”


Who does not know the occasions when parents are almost sweating on their foreheads after an exciting day with children in the evening? If the impressions of the day were very intense for small children, sometimes even dinner doesn’t work as usual. You can hardly even think about going to bed. Parents are allowed to be tired, and the children are completely overexcited. Here, the brand new YouTube project “Karl’s friends” promises a child-friendly, relaxing remedy, so that even the little ones can wind down a bit from the day while mum and dad are preparing dinner.

The project involves “moving picture books” that were explicitly conceived for babies and toddlers under the age of 3. The contents and representations of the animations published there were geared to the cognitive needs of the little ones “by parents for parents”, strictly in accordance with educational and developmental-psychological principles.

Relaxation videos for babies and toddlers

High contrasts with slow movement patterns serve, for example, for visual stimulation and “attraction” without overstimulating the offspring. Dark shades of green and blue in the evening phases of the animations, in connection with the coordinated music or natural sounds, contribute to calming and promoting concentration.

The animations live from the interaction between parents and child. There are no limits to your own imagination. In the various scenarios you can get to know the farm animals and their sounds together, experience an exciting time with tigers, zebras and elephants in the jungle, or listen to the sound of the sea on the beach with a pinch of sand in your hair.

Of course, the consumption of the moving picture books should be done consciously and responsibly. But from our own experience we can say: The little ones love it – and the way to relax seems to work well. Even the loudest warrior and the angriest princess are changed within a very short time.

Full attention is paid to the characters during the playing time of around 10 minutes, which can be shortened or lengthened at will. The grin and the anticipation of the upcoming episode during Karl’s wink in the intro are simply irreplaceable.

“Karl’s friends” – the YouTube channel for the little ones among us

The digital children’s book for falling asleep, learning, or simply to promote concentration and calm down in between. Visit the farm with Karl, get to know the animals of the rainforest, or enjoy some time out on the beach. Whether baby or toddler, your offspring will love the moving pictures!

What do you say to that? What is your opinion on the topic “YouTube for Kids”? What experiences have you had so far – and how do your offspring react to the digital picture books? We are looking forward to your comments!

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