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Megan Ditka Net Worth – The Daughter of Football Coach and Sports Commentator Mike Ditka

Megan Ditka is the daughter of legendary football coach and sports commentator Mike Ditka. She has three older brothers named Michael, Mark, and Matt; one younger sibling named Matt completes their family unit.

She grew up with her family in Western Pennsylvania’s coal mining and manufacturing area. Her mother Marge played a significant role in supporting her husband’s burgeoning professional career.

Early Life and Education

Megan Ditka is the daughter of football coach and sports commentator Mike Ditka (commonly referred to as Iron Mike). Born November 1st 1964, she began life in National Football League where her father worked. Additionally he has worked as television show host/actor – appearing on shows such as Entourage and UP Michigan.

He was twice married and divorced: first, with Marge in 1973; later with Diana Trantham in 1977 and had four sons – Matt, Mark, Mike Ditka III, and Megan Ditka (who died as a result).

His sons have also established successful careers. Her eldest brother Michael and Debbie Jo have produced Lauren Ashley with Michael being married to Amy O’Bradovich (daughter of former Chicago Bear Ed O’Bradovich). Mark, Mark’s second oldest brother is married to Amy O’Bradovich as well.

Professional Career

Pro Football Hall-of-Famer and Coach Tim Brando has enjoyed an accomplished television commentary career. He has provided insight on many ESPN shows such as Monday Night Countdown, SportsCenter and NFL Huddle.

He is the proud father of four children, including Megan Ditka. In 1961 he married Marge Ditka but they divorced two years later in 1973. While in their first marriage they worked tirelessly towards making themselves into professional football figures; during that period Megan made great strides as an actress.

He married Diana Trantham in 1977, and had three children: Michael (age 29), Mark (age 31) and Megan. Their family continues to embrace Chicago’s football heritage; Megan recently married Ronald A Hawes while Charlotte passed away at 93.

Achievement and Honors

Mike Ditka has received many honors throughout his career. He was honored with induction into both the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame; moreover, in 2013 his 89 jersey number was retired by the Bears during a halftime ceremony; additionally he was recognized by being included into the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame.

Ditka went on to coach for both the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears as well as become an NFL commentator and radio host, sparking controversy with his remarks regarding Colin Kapernick protest. He eventually retired from all facets of football but continued as an influence in football circles with television appearances, coaching gigs and radio hosting duties.

In 2004, Ditka considered running for Senate in Illinois but ultimately decided against doing so because his wife did not support it and due to having his business to manage.

Personal Life

Megan Ditka is a business director and daughter of legendary football coaching legend Mike Ditka. Currently she resides at 15818 Yellow Elder Rd in Frisco TX 75035 with her private life kept away from prying eyes.

Megan Ditka Hawes and Ronald A Hawes have three children together. Charlotte Ditka passed away in February 2015 at 93. Megan was raised as part of a large family with two brothers and two sisters.

Her oldest brother Michael has a daughter named Lauren Ashley with his wife Debbie Jo. Megan is related through both of her brothers; one (Mark) married Amy O’ Bradovich – daughter of former Chicago Bears player Ed O’ Bradovich. Megan graduated from University of Texas, has strong ties to both sides of her family, and maintains close ties to all members.

Net Worth

Mike Ditka has amassed an estimated net worth of $30 Million due to the success of both his playing and coaching careers, along with various television appearances and radio broadcasts.

Ditka is also an engaged member of his community, supporting various charities and social programs while owning multiple restaurants.

Megan Ditka and Ronald A. Hawes married in a beautiful Dallas mansion in 1990 and share three children: Mark, Michael and Megan. Megan had her first marriage end with Mike Ditka’s divorce in 1973 – they shared four children before parting ways – though both remain close even after parting ways.

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