Micky Moore

Micky Moore Dies at 98

Moore first began acting in silent films before going behind the camera as prop man and assistant director for various directors – such as Cecil B. DeMille. He worked closely with him until DeMille passed away, who became one of his lifelong mentors.

Moore eventually rose to become second unit director on films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Patton, and all three Indiana Jones movies – featuring letters, scripts, storyboards, set photographs and memorabilia from these productions. The collection contains letters, scripts, storyboards set photographs memorabilia.

Early Life and Education

Mickey and Becki Moore began their music careers professionally as musicians. Their debut album, Milk and Honey Records, produced two chart-topping singles “God Will Provide a Way” and “Love Song for Number Two”, which attracted both secular and gospel labels to them as possible signees.

Ultimately, the couple was abandoned by both parties and decided to devote themselves to ministry work instead. Through Mickey Moore Design Associates they now offer graphic design services to Christian organizations.

The Micky Moore Collection at Pepperdine University Special Collections and University Archives includes photos, scripts, storyboards, letters, videos and movie memorabilia from Moore. As a child actor during silent film era with directors like Cecil B. DeMille whom he considered his mentor; later became second unit director/assistant director on films including Patton, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid as well as original three Indiana Jones movies as second unit director or assistant director respectively.

Professional Career

Micky Moore began his filmmaking career as a child actor in silent films before transitioning into second unit directing. He worked on many iconic movies like Patton and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and wrote several books, such as Downsize This! and Stupid White Men.

On March 4th 2013, Moore passed away in Malibu at age 98.

This collection contains materials relating to Moore’s professional film career, such as set photos, headshots and publicity photos from sets, headshots and publicity photos from interviews and publicity shoots; contracts and work agreements; memorabilia from films they worked on; letters; video recordings and materials related to his memoir writing project. These materials have been organized into four series for easy browsing:

Achievement and Honors

Micky Moore was honored for his contributions to classic movie screenings by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and was also widely known for mentoring many up-and-coming directors in Hollywood.

Moore particularly enjoyed second-unit directing. He described it as “going over storyboards, planning everything.” Moore’s favorite task was staging truck chases – something he excelled at on comedies such as Bob Hope & Jane Russell western “Son of Paleface”.

Shrewsbury Town are delighted to welcome Micky Moore as the inaugural Director of Football, an often misunderstood role. Micky hails from League One rival Cheltenham Town and looks forward to working closely with both squad and senior management team at Shrewsbury. Additionally, he believes the club is on the right path after its busy summer of recruitment activities.

Personal Life

Micky Moore, best known as an accomplished child actor in several silent pictures before becoming one of Hollywood’s premier second-unit directors for films like Patton, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid and all three Indiana Jones movies, died peacefully March 4, 2019 of congestive heart failure at his oceanfront Malibu home aged 98 years.

Moore formed an influential friendship with Cecil B. DeMille, who served as his mentor during his transition from acting to producing and directing.

Mickey and Becki Moore decided to adjust their touring schedule in 1988 in order to focus on family life with Tricia and Sandra – their two daughters from their marriage. Alongside musical careers, Mickey Moore Design Associates provides graphic design and 3D modeling services for Christian organizations.

Net Worth

Michael Moore is an esteemed documentary filmmaker and author, having earned millions with his movies and becoming bestsellers with his books.

His first film Roger & Me was an award-winning documentary about General Motors closing several Michigan auto factories, while Bowling for Columbine was another critically acclaimed feature, along with Fahrenheit 9/11. Sicko became one of the highest grossing documentaries ever and was an overwhelming success at Cannes Film Festival.

Book sales provide an additional source of revenue alongside film earnings. He donates generously to progressive political causes and organizations, such as Planned Parenthood; often giving thousands. Furthermore, he lives modestly, spending very little of his wealth himself.

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