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Microcement: the star among materials for interior decoration

Are you planning a home, office, or business renovation? Do you want to give your interior a cool flair in industrial style? Many homeowners strive for germ and bacteria-free rooms during the Corona period and want smooth, joint-free surfaces that can be cleaned quickly and easily. But how could all this be achieved? We have the answer to this question and today we want to introduce you to an innovative building material that is one of the must-haves of every renovation. You have probably heard of microcement from friends and acquaintances. This is the modern all-rounder for indoor and outdoor spaces, a real star among the materials. In the following, you will find out what else you should know about microcement and what advantages it has for renovation work in various private and social spaces. We also report on the wide range of products from Topciment, the leading manufacturer in Europe. Stick with it and find out more about the possible uses of microcement.

Microcement – a star among materials for interior decoration

Mikrozement Bodenbeschichtung fugenlose glatte Oberfläche in grau dekorativ und praktisch

What is microcement?

Microcement is a high quality and versatile product that enables a decorative coating on different surfaces. This building material is created by mixing cement, synthetic resins, additives and mineral pigments. As an end product, we have a high-quality building material that is characterized by its enormous hardness and flexibility. Therefore it is suitable as the perfect finish on floors, walls, house facades and even on furniture. Microcement scores with its modern look and a variety of colors. Thanks to the pigmentation system used during manufacture, the color palette ranges from white to gray to black. Surfaces with microcement in green, blue and warm red tones look very attractive. All colors meet the highest demands on modern interior and exterior design.

In addition, microcement is a 100% environmentally friendly building material and ensures a clean room climate.

Mikrozement an den Wänden umweltfreundliches Material sorgt für sauberes Raumklima

Topcement microcement is very versatile

Topciment has developed different types of microcement in two decades. In this way, the manufacturer complies with the requirements of building practice. It also fulfills the wishes of numerous customers for different effects in the interior and exterior design. The good thing is that you can apply the microcement to a wide variety of surfaces, from tiles to plasterboard to marble. That makes this building material really multifunctional. Since the uses of microcement are numerous, we list the most important of them below:

Microcement can be paired well with wood in the interior.

Mikrozement an Wänden und auf dem Boden im Innenraum lässt sich gut mit Holz paaren

1) Use of microcement indoors:

  • especially as a coating of all types of interior walls;
  • on floors in all rooms; Since microcement is scratch-resistant and very durable, it is also used in heavily frequented rooms;
  • Microcement is waterproof and non-slip and is often used in modern industrial style bathrooms. This is how you achieve a uniform, very cool look in the bathroom;
  • Microcement is a real all-rounder in kitchens. It cuts a fine figure anywhere, on floors, walls, ceilings, sinks and kitchen countertops;
  • Stairs with a microcement finish look particularly spectacular.

This staircase with built-in LED lighting actually looks spectacular.

Mikrozement Treppe mit eingebauter LED Beleuchtung spektakulär aussehen im Interieur

2) Outdoor use

  • Old house facades are coated with micro-cement and given a new shine;
  • It is also widely used on terrace floors and in inner courtyards of residential buildings;
  • The areas around swimming pools and garden pools are covered with this waterproof building material. This not only has a decorative effect, but also has a high practical value.

This modern bathroom leaves nothing to be desired.

Mikrozement im modernen Bad im Industrial Style viele graue Oberfläche Finish

The advantages of microcement at a glance

After all that has been said above, let us now summarize the advantages of microcement. It has surely become clear to everyone that this is a very durable building material. It has a decorative effect as a coating, but at the same time has many practical plus points.

  • Thanks to the wide range of colors and textures, microcement can be used to create seamless decorative surfaces that have individual touches;
  • A striking and personalized result is guaranteed here;
  • Microcement is waterproof and non-slip and has good resistance to scratches, bumps and heavy traffic;
  • You can work quickly with this, because the microcement is only applied in a density of 2-3 mm.
  • This is a 100% environmentally friendly material and can only improve the indoor climate.
  • Microcement requires simple maintenance and can be cleaned easily. All you need is water and a pH-neutral soap;
  • Germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance on the smooth surfaces of microcement.

Microcement can be easily applied to different surfaces.

Mikrozement leicht aufzutragen dünne Schicht problemlos auf unterschiedliche Oberflächen

Do you still have some doubts about which innovative building material to choose for your next home or office renovation?

Create a clean and appealing ambience with microcement!

Mikrozement Bodenbeschichtung ein sauberes und ansprechendes Ambiente schaffen

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