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Landscaping Expert – Mike Sanders

Mike Sanders is on a mission to acquire landscaping businesses. After purchasing B&B Landscaping, he quickly went on to acquire Justin’s Superior Landscape Business for himself; making them one of the largest residential landscaping operations in Central Florida. Here Mike shares how his experience from running B&B helped with his second acquisition – Justin’s Superior Landscape Business.

Early Life and Education

Mike started dabbling in landscape maintenance at age nine, initially tending to family lawns but eventually taking on others’. He enjoyed getting dirty while having sore fingers and hands from working hard – something his older siblings also encouraged.

He decided to expand his horizons, relocating to California where he could work year round rather than seasonal work. Since establishing the new company he has gone from strength to strength acquiring four trucks, three plows, a backhoe equipped with snow pusher capability as well as trailers, mowers and tractors to complement his fleet of trailers and mowers.

He loves exploring with his wonderful family and taking photographs of nature; running, gardening, cooking and photography are also hobbies he thoroughly enjoys in his free time. Additionally, he finds great pleasure in writing guideline and ordinance language for landscaping and forestry practices.

Professional Career

Mike’s landscaping is a professional landscape design and installation firm offering lawn care services, flower gardens, water features and garden improvements. Their team specializes in crafting stunning yet original designs to reflect each client’s individuality and lifestyle.

This company also offers residential and commercial irrigation systems, tree trimming, mulching, shrub installation and property clean-ups in Massachusetts. Their team is committed to offering superior services at competitive prices in order to exceed customer expectations.

Mike has over 23 years of experience working in the landscape industry and has held various leadership roles. In 2014 he established Monterey Pine Advisors to offer consulting services within the green industry and focus on culture, consistency and purpose in his leadership style.

Achievement and Honors

Mike is a frequent presenter at both regional and national conferences on natural areas, parks, waterfronts and green infrastructure. Additionally, he often collaborates with area organizations such as Wild Ones and Southeastern Wisconsin Watershed Trust.

He has written guidelines and ordinance language for natural landscapes in Wisconsin – one of which allowed native landscaping on public lands – as well as several articles exploring its benefits and challenges.

GreenWorks Landscape Architecture in Portland and Seattle was co-founded by Daniel and has become one of the region’s premier landscape architecture firms, designing some of its most notable gardens, parks, natural areas as well as being driven by an ecological stewardship ethos. Daniel holds an ASLA Fellow professional honor which only 5% of world practicing landscape architects have earned.

Personal Life

Mike began his passion for landscaping and horticulture at 12 years old, starting by mowing lawns and caring for gardens near his family home in Wildwood. By 16, he had saved enough money to purchase his first truck and trailer – an accomplishment which has allowed him to build an honest and trustworthy company that continues today.

Mike is an intuitive and creative landscape designer with a soulful approach to design. His keen understanding of flora and environment are enhanced by an extensive knowledge base; furthermore he’s committed to further education and design explorations; writing specifications and guidelines has added greatly to his strong communication skills, knowledge base, and ability to prioritize client needs.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys freediving, surfing, fishing, cooking, camping, tinkering and inventing as well as spending time with Chandler, Otto and Ali – not forgetting volunteering for CT Walk4Hearing and Usher Syndrome awareness campaigns!

Net Worth

Mike Pyle is well-renowned for creating living murals out of landscaping, turning homes into beautiful living spaces while adding value. Additionally, he’s known as an expert gardener, helping homeowners make their gardens more sustainable.

Michael Loftus earned a finance degree at college before deciding to follow his passion for plants and the outdoors by starting a small landscaping business that eventually generated $1 Million in sales revenue.

Michael discovered he could grow his business faster by purchasing existing companies rather than starting from scratch. He quickly located a landscaping business for sale and purchased it, eventually growing Connor’s Landscape into an annual revenue stream exceeding $4M per year.

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