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Mini greenhouse and its advantages for hobby gardeners

Hello, dear gardening friends! The new gardening season is just around the corner. If you want beautiful flowers, fragrant herbs and healthy vegetables in your own garden in summer, you have to start work now. Although winter surprises us with its sub-zero temperatures outside, hobby gardeners can now start sowing the first plants. For this purpose you need a mini greenhouse that can also be placed on the balcony or terrace. In addition, a small model also cuts a fine figure on the windowsill or where it is warm and sunny at home. A mini greenhouse is really space-saving and you can also hang it on the balcony railing (if you have a south or west balcony) and offer your own cultivation the best germination and growth conditions. In this article, you can find out why you can still use a mini greenhouse and what advantages it brings you.

There is always a cheap place for a mini greenhouse at home.

Mini Gewächshaus zuhause Keimlinge schönes Design

  • Why do you need a mini greenhouse?

Before you even get interested in a mini greenhouse, you need to clearly define your plan. Flower lovers can use it to grow orchids, succulents or other flowers. If you want to grow your own kitchen herbs, you also need a mini greenhouse. He can place it in a sunny spot in the kitchen or directly on the windowsill and always have fresh herbs close at hand in the cold months. Most hobby gardeners, however, need a small greenhouse for growing the seedlings. In a limited space you can grow your own seedlings and only later plant them outside in the vegetable patch. The possible uses of a mini greenhouse are numerous, so it would be advisable to determine your plan first and only then to act.

Kitchen herbs in the mini greenhouse on the windowsill are a must for many women.

Mini Gewächshaus Küchenkräuter griffbereit auf der Fensterbank

Rosemary and Co. in the mini greenhouse.

Mini Gewächshaus Rosmarin und andere Kräuter

  • Build a greenhouse yourself or buy it ready-made at the hardware store?

In the winter months, skilled gardeners decide to build a mini greenhouse themselves. This can also be made of wood, metal or plastic. The big plus point is that you determine the size and shape of your mini greenhouse yourself. You can build a very small model for the window sill in the kitchen or a larger greenhouse for outside, which you place close to the south side of the house. How you can easily and quickly build a mini greenhouse yourself can be seen in the following video.

But if you don’t have the time or talent for such activities, you can find a finished model at the Bauhaus. Mini greenhouses in different sizes and made of different building materials are available, so you are sure to find the best for yourself. Here you also have a plus point. You can rest assured that such a mini greenhouse is professionally designed and will do justice to your project.

A mini greenhouse can also have decorative functions.

Mini Gewächshaus zuhause dekorative Funktion

The design and the entire execution can be determined by handicraft fans themselves.

Mini Gewächshaus interessantes Design gute Ausführung für Kräuter Gemüse Blumen

  • Which germination and growth conditions are created for young plants in the mini greenhouse?

As is well known, the principle of the mini greenhouse is based on the greenhouse effect, i.e. the rays of the sun warm the ground and the heat is then sent back. As a result of this process, the air in the mini greenhouse is also heated and the humidity increased. This creates ideal germination conditions for sowing. For optimal growth, your plants need a temperature between 18 and 25 degrees C during the day, which does not drop below 15 degrees C at night. This can only be achieved in the greenhouse in the last weeks of winter and in spring. These temperatures are ideal for herbs, lettuce and summer flowers. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other vegetables are more demanding and need higher temperatures for germination and growth in our conditions.

Temperature and light supply are crucial for the young plants in the mini greenhouse.

Mini Gewächshaus Temperatur und Lichtversorgung ausschlaggebend für junge Pflanzen

Also suitable substrate and soil moisture.

Mini Gewächshaus achten auf Substrat und Bodenfeuchtigkeit

Obtain suitable substrate for sowing in the mini greenhouse. Care for the young plants in individual containers, this is how they develop best. Make sure that the young plants in the mini greenhouse are supplied with optimum water and light. Avoid waterlogging, this can kill the seedlings. Keep only the substrate moist and open the lid of the mini greenhouse regularly so that the condensation water goes out.

If your mini greenhouse is outside, you will need to open the lid regularly.

Mini Gewächshaus draußen Deckel aufmachen

… because the condensation has to get out.

Mini Gewächshaus draußen geöffnet Kondenswasser raus

The plants in the mini greenhouse need eight to twelve hours of light every day. It would be best if it comes directly from above, otherwise the seedlings will align themselves with the sun and grow crooked. Cuttings are more resistant and also feel great in such a greenhouse before planting them outside.

As you can see, the mini greenhouse theme is extensive, but very useful. We hope that the information presented here can help you to grow fresh herbs, garden flowers and various types of vegetables yourself and then to enjoy them. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

Your self-built mini greenhouse can have a stylish design and even be eye-catching in the interior.

Mini Gewächshaus stilvolles Design auffallend auf der Fensterbank

Small, space-saving, but very useful.

Mini Gewächshaus klein platzsparend auf der Fensterbank

Your plants can overwinter well in this larger greenhouse.

Mini Gewächshaus im Garten Pflanzen überwintern

You can have small tomatoes very early.

Mini Gewächshaus im Garten kleine Tomaten sehr früh haben

We need fresh herbs every day for cooking.

Mini Gewächshaus frische Kräuter griffbereit in der Küche haben

Build a house yourself for sophisticated flowers!

Mini Gewächshaus selber bauen für anspruchsvolle Blumen

A mini greenhouse cuts a fine figure on the balcony.

Mini Gewächshaus auf dem Balkon grüne Pflanzen

Professionally designed for outdoors.

Mini Gewächshaus ganz professionell designt für draußen

Mini Gewächshaus schönes Modell für draußen kleine Tomaten

Mini Gewächshaus schönes Design für draußen

Mini Gewächshaus draußen viele grüne Pflanzen

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