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Mini houses or how can you be happy in the smallest of living spaces

“Less is more” or, as it is called in good German, “less is more”. This well-known motto of all minimalists worldwide has proven to be groundbreaking. It has not only prevailed in interior design for years, but has also conquered architecture, culture and other areas of life. The minimalist principle of living spartanly and living in a small area, but being creative and happy at the same time, is finding newer followers and is gaining popularity. From this pursuit of simplicity, many great ideas have now emerged, including the mini houses. In this article we show you how you can create a comfortable home in the smallest of spaces.

preiswerte minihäuser grasfläche

A tiny house in the middle of the green is the best living idea for nature lovers.

Modern life constantly presents us with new, exciting challenges, also in terms of home decor. Housing needs have changed enormously. There are people who prefer to live on the move or a bit isolated from the city, preferring to live in the country. Even in the big city, more and more people prefer to live alone or as a couple with their partner. Then a living space of a few square meters is enough for them because they have reduced their feeling of living to the essentials. For these people, for singles and childless couples, for lateral thinkers and romantics, new building concepts have been developed on a small area. The mini houses are there and they replace the classic family house, but in a small format.

preiswerte minihäuser fassade fenster

You can live mobile with a mini house.

  • Why are mini houses so popular?

If you want to live mobile and happy, without annoying and too noisy neighbors, then the mini houses are just right for you. These can be assembled quickly and easily and are easy to maintain. You no longer need to worry about high rents. These new residential units are inexpensive and there for everyone. They can be used in a wide range – from private households to public purposes at various events, the mini houses can be used well. They are also characterized by good energy efficiency. There are models of mini houses that generate the required energy independently. Solar devices and ventilation systems are a must in these small homes.

preiswerte minihäuser baum umgebung

Do you also want to live romantically, but in the smallest of spaces?

But that does not mean the plus points of the mini houses are exhausted. You can put all your creativity into play when furnishing and designing the interior of the mini houses. A well thought-out living concept will definitely help you a lot in reducing your living requirements to the minimum and rediscovering the simplicity of life. Create a lot of comfort in the smallest room and enjoy it every day. The mini houses give all interested parties the opportunity to live ecologically, close to nature and happily on a small scale. Our picture gallery could probably convince you of that too. The editors hope you enjoy scrolling down and looking.


A mini house for real purists

preiswerte minihäuser

In the evening it can be very romantic in the mini house.

preiswerte minihäuser bäume wald

If you want to live mobile, you can treat yourself to a mini house.

preiswerte minihäuser beleuchtung außenbereich

The simple way of life is often the best possible.

preiswerte minihäuser grün gras

preiswerte minihäuser grün umgebung

preiswerte minihäuser holz klein

preiswerte minihäuser minimalistisch

preiswerte minihäuser mobil

preiswerte minihäuser moderne architektur

preiswerte minihäuser modern oval

preiswerte minihäuser modular

preiswerte minihäuser rollen

preiswerte minihäuser sonnig fenster

preiswerte minihäuser spitzdach wald

preiswerte minihäuser stabil robust holz

preiswerte minihäuser veranda

preiswerte minihäuser wald baustruktur

preiswerte minihäuser wohnen zimmer

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