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Minimalism meets classic in a chic apartment in Greece

Here on our website you will find numerous articles on trends in interior design, architecture and garden design. We are constantly striving to present you the latest and most interesting from these areas in pictures and text. For today’s post we have selected a modern apartment in Greece that impresses with its chic design. Incidentally, this is a wonderful example of a masterful combination between minimalism and classic interior design.

Be amazed how minimalism in interior design meets classic room design.

Minimalismus trifft Klassik elegante Raumgestaltung im Wohnzimmer graues Sofa grüne Topfpflanze Kaffeetisch Glasplatte Wandbilder

Minimalism meets classic: the goal of the renovation

A young couple in Serres, Greece hired the architecture studio Normless to renovate their 115 square meter apartment. Both spouses assumed that they would soon need more space for their newborn baby. The apartment is located in a building from the 1970s in the city center of the Greek city, but originally it did not meet the young family’s wishes and needs. So they got the architects to design a new layout. They wanted a stronger separation between the usual living spaces and private bedrooms. As the end result, after the professional renovation, we have a chic design that combines the couple’s classic taste with a minimalist aesthetic. In short, minimalism and classic go hand in hand and this style combination enables a high level of functionality in the couple’s four walls.

An excellent example of how minimalism and classic can be brought under one denominator in interior design.

Minimalismus trifft Klassik Kücheninsel Holzoberfläche voll ausgestattete Küche Blick ins Esszimmer.

In the kitchen and dining room, the tendency towards classic interior design is combined with minimalist aesthetics.

Minimalismus trifft Klassik moderne Küche voll ausgestattet Esstisch bequeme blaue Stühle Marmorplatte Kücheninsel Holzplatte

A look into the renovated apartment, where minimalism and classic go hand in hand

The kitchen and living room are now connected in an open floor plan. There is a large kitchen island that separates both areas visually and functionally, although you can go from one to the other without any thresholds. The wooden surface of the kitchen island can be used for cooking, while a gray-white marble surface adorns the dining table. Even the kitchen is designed in the typical minimalist colors of white and dove gray. The kitchen back wall is also very skillfully designed with white marble tiles. These are completely in line with the table surface. For the living room, it was decided to use wooden floors in a classic chevron pattern. The warm texture of the wood gives the room a natural, earthy flair. This contrasts the colors of the furniture without disturbing the overall design of the living room. The soft materials of the upholstery and the decorative pillows round off the classic, minimalist feeling here.

The interior designers have provided space for a home office in the living room.

Minimalismus trifft Klassik integriertes Homeoffice im Wohnzimmer graues Sofa Holzregale mit schwarzen Fronten

Doesn’t that open space design look perfect? From the hall you go directly into the living room.

Minimalismus trifft Klassik offenes Raumdesign helle Farben vom Flur direkt ins Wohnzimmer graues Sofa links Konsolentisch Wandspiegel Grünpflanze

The trend to combine minimalism with classic elements also continues in the other rooms

The master bedroom is an appealing and inviting room, where white and gray dominate again. These neutral colors go perfectly with minimalism in room design. However, they are spiced up with a blue accent wall. The interior designers have chosen this wonderful subdued shade of blue to introduce a touch of the sea into the bedroom. A classic and very chic bathroom is directly connected to the couple’s bedroom. It scores with its black marble tiles and copper fittings and can inspire everyone for a modern and somewhat dramatic bathroom design.

The bedroom is simply furnished, but it is very inviting.

Minimalismus trifft Klassik Elternschlafzimmer eingebauter Kleiderschrank bequemes Schlafbett Nachttisch Wandlampe

Black marble tiles pepped up with shiny gold fittings add a somewhat dramatic note to the luxurious bathroom.

Minimalismus trifft Klassik luxuriöses Badezimmer schwarze Marmorfliesen goldglänzende Armatur dramatische Note

The children’s room is one of the most beautiful and romantic rooms we have ever seen! It has the same modern aesthetic as the other rooms in this apartment. Cream and gray tones as well as golden accents are mixed together here. A slate-gray-blue canopy transforms the small bed into an eye-catcher in the baby’s room. The wall is classically decorated with a subtle wallpaper and matching wooden decorations. A round rug in the same pattern as the wallpaper lies on the floor. The room is simply furnished, but everything you need for the baby and baby care is there. It appears spacious and open because it is not overloaded with furniture or other small items.

Do you like the baby room?

Minimalismus trifft Klassik Babyzimmer einfach eingerichtet Bett blauer Baldachin Wanddeko Tapete Teppich

Take a look at the other pictures of this apartment and let yourself be inspired further for a design of minimalism and classic! I’m sure you like this first-class mix of styles, right?

From the bathroom you go directly to the dressing room.

Minimalismus trifft Klassik luxuriöses Badezimmer schwarzer Marmor großer Spiegel grüne Topfpflanze Waschtisch Holzschrank Ankleideraum

The guest bathroom is designed with white marble and black fittings that create a visual contrast.

Minimalismus trifft Klassik Gästebadezimmer weißer Marmor schwarze Armaturen visueller Kontrast Glaswand Dusche Waschtisch Holzschrank

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