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Minimalist design – from the house facade to the bathroom

We have been enthusiastic about minimalism with its clear concept, almost puristic design and perfect simplicity for years. That is why we are always looking for new occasions to present this furnishing style. In today’s post we want to show you a house that is a great example of minimalist design from the house facade to the bathroom. But for that we have to fly far away in our minds, namely to Australia. In the Australian metropolis of Melbourne there is a district called South Yarra. It is located about 4 km east of downtown, south of the Yarra River, which is where its name comes from. This part of Melbourne is one of the most affluent areas of the metropolis and properties here cost a lot of money. But they are characterized by their stylish design and tasteful room furnishings. Many are designed in a minimalist way and impress with their clear design, soft colors and perfect functionality. Our example today is undoubtedly one of them.

Minimalist design begins on the house facade. The black exterior is surrounded by greenery.

Minimalistisches Design Haus in Melbourne schwarze Fassade geometrische Formen Garage Eingang Terrasse Fenster

A house in Melbourne: minimalist design on the house facade

The owners of this South Yarra townhouse, built in the 1990s, didn’t like the traditional, even visually cluttered, interior design. Instead, they wanted a minimalist design in their home. Her wish was that the usual activities of domestic family life should not be seen there. They commissioned an architectural office to renovate their house. The result is now before our eyes. The architects and interior designers created a more reserved, minimalist design. It starts on the facade of the house and extends through all the rooms inside. The facade is black, but the house is completely green and the dark color creates a great visual contrast with the green plants outside. At first sight it looks severe, but the truth is different. It is perfectly designed where straight lines and perfect squares dominate. Pure minimalism!

Perfect minimalist design inside!

Minimalistisches Design Haus in Melbourne moderne Küche weiße Fronten schwarze Akzente Hocker

Minimalist design characterizes all interiors

The dark facade of the house was obviously designed as a contrast to the new light interior. The black color was used only modestly inside. It only serves as an accent in the white ambience. For example in the kitchen that you see in the picture above. The room is furnished in a very modern way, basically done entirely in white, with little black spots here and there. The visual contrast between the two non-colors is overwhelming here! White kitchen fronts and dove-gray floor tiles are refreshed by black kitchen fittings, two elegant stools and a chic hanging lamp. This is how the monotony is skilfully broken!

From the minimalist designed living room you have a wonderful view of the inner courtyard.

Minimalistisches Design Haus in Melbourne minimalistisch designtes Wohnzimmer deckenhohe Fenster herrlicher Blick auf den Innenhof

All the windows in this Australian house have been fitted with black window frames. They are immediately noticeable within the bright interior. The picture above shows this visual contrast in the living room. It is located on the ground floor and is completely glazed. The spacious floor-to-ceiling windows allow a unique view of the beautifully landscaped inner courtyard. You can benefit a lot from this. On the one hand, you are surrounded by greenery and you feel as if you were outside in the garden. On the other hand, you can enjoy the view at any time while sitting in the minimalist designed room. The modern white sofa is the central piece of furniture in the living room. Otherwise you can’t see anything that disturbs the view. Good storage options have been provided here, thus avoiding any possible mess. In addition, the inner courtyard is also designed in a minimalist manner, framed with black-painted brick walls and lattice panels. However, we don’t see any tall trees outside. This was deliberately omitted so that enough daylight penetrates into the interior of the house.

This white wall unit is typical of minimalist design and offers enough storage space

Minimalistisches Design Haus in Melbourne Wohnzimmer eingebaute Schrankwand in weiß sehr gute Staumöglichkeiten sorgt für beste Ordnung

However, this by no means exhausts the design options for minimalist design in the interior of the house. White surfaces lead up to the first floor of the house. Structural interest is piqued in the bathroom, for example, where gray tiles frame the shower stall and bathtub. Bathroom furniture such as the towel rails and fittings are made of gold-colored brass.

The bathroom also impresses with its minimalist design.

Minimalistisches Design Haus in Melbourne Bad graue Fliesen Badewanne Armaturen aus goldfarbenem Messing

The interior designers have partially extended the master bedroom into the hallway to create space for a walk-in closet. The remaining space in the hallway now offers a great opportunity to create a small home office there. Two (or even more) people can work here at the same time, as an elegant wooden desk extends along the entire wall.

Scroll down to see some more pictures of this house in Melbourne. Minimalist design prevails here in all rooms! But if you still want to read something about the combination between minimalism and classic, then click here. Or are you perhaps interested in Scandinavian design, where minimalism and high functionality go hand in hand? The editors hope you enjoy browsing!

This is what the house looks like from the courtyard.

Minimalistisches Design Haus in Melbourne vom Innenhof betrachtet

The nursery is so cute, where minimalist design also predominates.

Minimalistisches Design Haus in Melbourne niedliches Kinderzimmer weiß gestaltet Bett Kindersessel vor dem Fenster Spielzeug

You don’t need a lot of space for a modern home office.

Minimalistisches Design Haus in Melbourne modernes Heimbüro eleganter Schreibtisch aus Holz der Wand entlang Stuhl Laptop

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