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Minimalist living room – unusual ideas for an impressive modern house

Minimalism has become something of a catchphrase in recent years. Many people use it without really understanding its specific meaning. What actually is minimalism? This is essentially a lifestyle that is viewed as an alternative to the consumption-oriented affluent society. His followers try to counteract everyday constraints by avoiding consumption and thereby lead a more self-determined, fulfilling life. If this formulation sounds too complicated to you, we can put it very briefly and much more simply: Minimalism is an art of being able to live comfortably, comfortably and aesthetically with less. It is well known that the motto of all followers of minimalism is “less is more”! But now it could seem to many of our readers that the minimalist way of life and home decor are a super easy task in real everyday life. Everyone would like to live in such a simplified way. Yes, but it’s a lot easier said than done. Because minimalism is first in the head and then in the reality around us. That is, you must first understand his philosophy, acquire its principles, and only then actually put it into practice. In this regard we want to give the following example: it has actually been proven and clearly shown in practice that the hardest thing is to design a beautiful, functional house in precisely the minimalist style and to make it minimalist. Fulfilling this plan first requires good skill, a certain restraint and a great deal of discipline. For some of us who tend to bring pretty much everything home and store necessary and unnecessary things there, it is certainly the hardest thing in the world. Because minimalist design is not about collecting tricky things and always adding new ones! But on the contrary! It’s about freeing yourself from a lot, feeling personal and spatial freedom, taking away what is unusable! And where exactly do we start with this resolution? Obviously, a modern living room is the best place to start with minimalism! Test your skills there first, in order to later expand it to other rooms. Although you may choose a style where sophistication, elegance and clean straight lines prevail, there is still a lot you can do to add character and unique, personal touches to your minimalist living space. So that we can make this task a little easier for you, we have put together numerous ideas for modern, minimalist living rooms, all of which can serve as beautiful and captivating inspiration for your living room design. They combine form with function and class with comfort in an effortless way.


Pure minimalism – less is more!

Take a leisurely look at our picture examples and be inspired for a minimalist design in your living room! Find the way to more personal freedom, a more conscious self and more joy in life!

minimalism-in-the-living room

Decorate your living room in a minimalist way and start to lead a more self-determined life!

living room furniture leather sofa minimalism

Minimalism is an ability to live simply and harmoniously, comfortably and stylishly


Achieving a minimalist way of life and living culture is not an easy task in our consumer-oriented society

minimalist living room

There is so much charm in minimalist design!

minimalist couch

Simplicity and sophistication go hand in hand here


A charming living room decorated in a minimalist style

minimalist apartment

Here you can feel personal and spatial freedom

minimalist living room corner sofa

Clear, straight lines predominate in minimalism.

glass wall-living room-minimalist-furnishing

You are also careful with the colors

living room minimalist

There is a lot of charm and comfort in the simple furnishings!


Live minimalist and close to nature

minimalist living room designs

Such a living room is certainly many people’s dream come true


Couple minimalism with rustic elements

wall unit minimalist

Add a personal touch to your minimalist living room design!

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