Miss Rachel Net Worth Youtube

Miss Rachel Net Worth

Miss Rachel is an American songwriter. She is a YouTuber and the owner of her own channel named Songs For Littles. She is also a member of BMI. Her videos are aimed at children, and her channel has earned millions of views. Her net worth is estimated at $10 million.

She is married to Aron Acurseo, and they have a son named Thomas. Her parents were active members of the civil rights movement. They also had a band called the Grateful Dead. She has a degree in music training from New York University. She has also studied at Back Street College. In addition, she has a master’s degree in early childhood education. She currently works as a preschool teacher.

In addition to her YouTube channel, she is also a songwriter, a teacher, and an entrepreneur. She believes that education can help a child succeed in life. She has won several awards for her work in songwriting and childhood education. She also has an endorsement deal with Sephora and L’Oreal. She has been a guest speaker at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women. She is known for creating rhymes and learning recordings for children on her YouTube channel. She has been able to build a devoted following on social media and has a strong presence on all major platforms.

She has over one million subscribers to her YouTube channel and has received several accolades, including the Washington Post’s “The People’s Choice.” Her videos have been viewed over two billion times. She has appeared on CBS National News. She is also a part of a workshop for BMI. She has earned millions of dollars in her career.

She is a songwriter who has a huge fan base on her YouTube channel. She has a self-titled channel, and has several different sub-channels that focus on different aspects of her life. Her content varies from fashion to relationship tips to make-up tutorials. Her subscribers are mostly girls and young women. Her channel also features prank videos for her sisters.

She has a bachelor’s degree in music education from New York University and a master’s degree in early childhood development from NYU. Her husband, Aron, is an associate music director on Broadway for Aladdin. She is also working towards a second master’s in early childhood education.

She has been featured on the CBS National News and The Washington Post. She has a strong social media presence and has been successful at teaching toddlers about colors and emotions. Her net worth is expected to grow in the future. She has an estimated salary of $50k a month. She has two brothers. She was born in San Francisco, California. Her father is named John Accurso. She is of mixed race. She was raised in a very loving family. She was very pampered.

Her net worth has grown by 25% between 2021 and 2022. She is expected to reach an estimated total of $10 million by the end of 2022. Her income comes from her YouTube channel and from teaching young kids.

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