Misun Henderson

Misun Henderson – The Mother of Kyler Murray

Misun Henderson has become well-known due to her role in Kyler Murray’s life. A former executive assistant and now General Manager of K1 Promotions, Misun has gained considerable renown as the person closest to her son.

Born in the United States on September 25th 1964, she holds American nationality. After attending South Grand Prairie High School she later went on to obtain an associate in science business degree at Mountain View College.

Early Life and Education

At Oakland Technical High School, Henderson excelled at both football and baseball, rushing for 1,100 yards during his senior year and receiving multiple scholarships – but decided instead to pursue professional baseball instead.

Misun Henderson Murray was born September 25 in the United States of America to an American father and South Korean mother; her father served in the US Navy. Murray graduated from South Grand Prairie High School before going on to study science business at Mountain View College where she earned a degree.

Missy Murray is married to former professional football player, Kevin Murray. Additionally, she serves as stepmother to Kyler and Precious from Kevin Murray’s prior relationship.

Professional Career

Henderson has taken on many roles throughout her professional career, ranging from model to actress and even break dancer. But her true calling lies in writing. Henderson is renowned for her masterful approach to complex topics with nuanced language; often exploring relationships and social norms through her writings.

Henderson achieved prominence during the 1990s when he led Oakland to victory at the World Series and made history by scoring in all two games of a doubleheader, leading off each inning with a homer.

At the conclusion of his 17 year career, Henderson amassed remarkable statistics. Each year saw him score an astounding average of 78 stolen bases, 117 walks taken and 124 runs scored with an estimated average hit total of 165 hits and stolen bases 77 for every year!

Achievement and Honors

Misun Henderson, commonly known by her nickname Missy Murray, is the proud mother of National Football League star quarterback Kyler Murray. A former executive assistant and office manager who has worked at Skyway Freight Systems, Burnham Logistics and Inmac Computer Supplies among others; Misun also has two stepkids from her husband’s previous relationships: Kevin Murray Jr and Precious Murray.

Misun Henderson was born on 25 September 1964 and currently stands 58. Her father Msgt. Carl W. Henderson Sr served in the U.S Navy while she has one brother named Carl. Misun graduated from South Grand Prairie High School in 1982 before going on to earn an associates in science business degree at Mountain View College.

She remains relatively tight-lipped about her personal life, yet is known for being an attentive and supportive mother to her son who has shown great promise as an athlete and continues to show that he possesses immense potential as a future great player.

Personal Life

Misun Henderson, more popularly known by her maiden name Missy Murray has garnered significant media coverage due to her relationship with American football player Kyler Murray and subsequent offspring, Kyler Jr. She serves as Kyler’s mother and general manager at K1 Promotions while previously acting as executive assistant and administrative manager for Skyway Freight Systems and Burnham Logistics and Inmac Computer Supplies respectively.

She was born on September 25, 1964 in the United States. Her father is Msgt Carl W Henderson Sr, who served in the US Navy. Carl, her older brother is her only sibling.

She graduated from South Grand Prairie High School before attending Mountain View College to earn an associate of science business degree. Since 1995, she and her husband have shared the gift of two sons.

Net Worth

Misun Henderson, also known by her nickname Missy Murray, has become an iconic figure thanks to being the mother of Kyler Murray – a professional football player. Her vast career encompasses multiple fields while she lives an extravagant lifestyle alongside her family.

Missy currently serves as general manager of K1 Promotions and lives in Dallas with her husband. She has one child, Kyler, from her previous relationship as well as Kevin and Precious from his previous unions – three great influences!

As of 2022, Missy Henderson is estimated to be worth an estimated $300,000. She earned this amount as an executive assistant. A graduate of South Grand Prairie High School and Mountain View College respectively, Missy earned her associate degree in science business as well. Missy’s father served in the United States Navy.

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