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Modern and traditional touches meet in modern kitchen concepts

The modern kitchen has many faces and that is why your design can look up-to-date without having to compromise with your own ideas and your taste. Do you love the natural touches and at the same time benefit from the most modern achievements in the field of kitchen technology?

It is possible to pair both with each other – this is how it works!

Glossy surfaces

cake ideas

Glamorous surfaces and mirror effects are part of modern kitchen design

Rely on glossy surfaces in your kitchen furnishings. They look uncompromisingly modern and expand the space. And the natural elements? Use them as a decoration, because you have come to the right place if you want to add liveliness and freshness.

Warm colors and shine


White surfaces in high gloss paired with warm wood tones

Many people associate the shiny materials with a cool look. But we also want to do without them because they are effective, expand the space and are easy to maintain. If you want more warmth, just incorporate colors that give you that feeling. These are mainly shades of brown and fiery shades.

Colored accents in a country house style

kitchen-in-country house style

Country-style kitchen – warm and nostalgic

The modern kitchen equipment does not exclude the country house style. This can indicate the theme of the decoration. Spread brightly shaded chairs and other furniture around your glamorous modern kitchen.

Blue and white


Dining area in blue and white expresses grandeur and charm

Blue and white is a perfect combination for modern kitchens that are also close to nature. Both colors look very contemporary, but at the same time arouse associations with water, ocean, sky.

Green nuances from nature


Green tiles on the back wall of the kitchen – soothing for the eye and soul

Green can look modern and natural if you choose the right theme. Emerald green, lime, avocado – what would you choose? Be sure to pair with open window furnishings and lots of light nuances.

Historical styles


Spacious kitchen with interesting floor tiles

Modern kitchen facilities with decorative elements in historical, colonial styles are a very original solution for a natural and current appearance. Let’s take the 19th century as an example: Cover your modern kitchen design with lots of wood with a visible grain in high quality or rough workmanship.

Own vegetable garden in the kitchen


A vegetable garden is a must in every kitchen these days

Modernity has many faces. Own vegetable gardens have been very popular for several years. Integrate this into your modern ambience for a healthier life and a more aesthetic appearance.

Natural DDecoration as a connecting element in open living concepts


Introduce a decidedly natural flair into the kitchen with green potted plants or fresh herbs

The open living plans have already proven their effectiveness several times and we will not be happy to do without them in the future either. They always work well when there is something connecting them. theThis role can also be taken over by nature. This is how you successfully pair modernity and closeness to nature.

Bring the new season into your home


Eat right every season!

The healthy diet must be respected in the different seasons and with their peculiarities. Do you have this attitude in your family too? If so, then bring it off by creating appropriate decorations from seasonal gifts.

Wood and iron

cake wall metal

A lot of wood can be skillfully combined with gray and metal accents

So far we have had a lot of feminine or neutral kitchen furnishings. Pair wood and iron, reconnect nature and modernity and let the interior design appear quite masculine.



Bring a particularly attractive note to the modern kitchen – driftwood as a dining and worktop

Driftwood has found its natural use in modern kitchen furnishings in recent years. Use this in the decoration, in the furniture design for a balanced look of modern and natural.

Textiles with natural colors and patterns


Textiles with natural colors and patterns

Are you looking for an easy and fresh way to freshen up your kitchen? The textiles with natural motifs are a great way to achieve this. For an even better effect, you can have the patterns correspond with real natural decorations.

Nature-inspired kitchen splashback

wooden table-rustic-finnish-carpet-brown

Modern dining table with rustic Finnish

The rear wall can quickly and easily become the main element of the kitchen furnishings. With effective furnishings, it will determine the character of the entire room. Why not choose a nature-inspired theme for your modern kitchen furnishings?

Nature has its very natural place in modern kitchen furnishings. It has to go where there is too much coolness and sobriety and there is a lack of appetite and joie de vivre. Well which method you choose is simply a matter of taste.

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