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Modern clothes rails – 10 ideas for their design

Recently, these fashionable home accessories are mentioned in numerous fashion blogs and magazine articles. We can say about their advantages that they allow an open, attractive storage option for our favorite items of clothing. This small set-up can be designed successfully, as can a clear boutique showcase. The creative facility is thus guaranteed. Take a look at our photo examples to help you organize and store your leather jacket, shirts and stilettos properly:

Minimalistic look

Clothes rail chic black shaggy carpet

With the help of a simple, black clothes rail and a soft fur carpet, great storage options are created

Monochrome designs can look really great. This black and white, clearly arranged display of clothes helps with every outfit choice in the morning. The minimalist overall look brings an elegant touch to the room. Place a white fur rug on the floor and place matching shoes and your treasured designer handbag on it. So you always have them to hand!

Incidentally, a clothes rail offers a lot of additional space and wrinkle-free, easy-to-reach clothing storage.

The branch of clothing

Clothes rail DIY branch shabby chic

The DIY clothes rail made of rope and branch would be a nice addition to the shabby chic interior

For nature lovers and current city kids, there is this natural hanging accessory. Attach a sturdy branch with rope and the affordable clothes rail is ready. Make sure that only light clothing is placed on it. Boho fans would definitely like this home decor.

The artistic touch

Clothes storage wooden ladder wooden boards DIY

However, there is no shortage of unique designs: get the wooden ladder out of the garage!

This possibility is somewhat more stable! Creative design options like these can be tinkered with everyday objects. The original use immediately transforms the old wooden ladder into the central piece of furniture in the room. The sand color could be painted over in a bright pop shade or decorated with stickers. The attached boards are also great storage aids.

The vintage clothes rail

Clothes rail retro frame planter

A clothes rail with a frame is the perfect place to put plants

In this photo example we see items of clothing and houseplants in a harmonious interplay. The entire decoration arrangement exudes a touch of the 70s style. This exotic design in the corner of the room would proudly present your boho outfits.

Pretty in pink

DIY clothes rail chic wooden boards

Additionally attached wooden boards accommodate your favorite shoes

The clothes appear trendy and chic on the multi-level clothes rail. In addition to the black scaffolding, the wooden boards were attached so that this fantastic ensemble could come into being!

DIY clothes rail with wooden boards

Joint use of clothes rails pipes industrially

Robust clothes rail with an industrial look for sharing

This storage idea for your clothes would fit like a glove in the industrial style living space. Various accessories such as perfumes, jewelry, shoes and sweaters are ready to hand. The common clothes storage creates a homely atmosphere.

Chic and chic

Stylish interior design clothes rail white spotlight

Fashion bloggers even show style when it comes to storing clothes

This inspiring idea can be put together with little effort. The end result is every fashion conscious woman’s dream. A simple white clothes rail does the job just fine. Furnished with some decorative items, a soft fur rug and spotlight, the clothes rail looks ready to use.

For the room in white

Clothes rail, minimalist frame, pastel tones

Arrange items of clothing in similar colors in the wardrobe: this will make the design look minimalist and feminine

This clothes storage in white and restrained pastel colors appears like a fairy tale. To recreate this look, just hang light-colored clothes and arrange tasteful decor. The result is the epitome of lovely!

In the land of little princesses

Room design ideas girl open wardrobe

Little girls would love an open closet

Future ballet dancer should have the appropriate room. This one looks like the kingdom for girls who like to take different tutus off the clothes rail, try them on, and practice basic ballet steps.

In the playful kingdom of boys

Clothes rail branch original modern boys room

For boys there is a rustic clothes rail made from real branch

There is a suitable clothes rail for the little man in the house. The real branch fits perfectly into the size of the room, while the decorative blue cloud adds a playful touch.

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