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Modern craft ideas with vases

Every interior can be spiced up with flowers and their cheerful colors, whether in the apartment, in the house or in the villa. The right arrangement is important, sometimes even more important is the choice of the right vessel. The numerous materials such as glass, ceramics, porcelain and metal decorate each room differently. Unique vases are even enough as accents, even if they are empty.

DIY from brushes-Modern ideas for vases DIY

DIY vase made from brushes

Today we would also like to take a look at the creative variants of the vases. Handmade or simply cleverly thought out, they always convey a homely feeling. Get inspiration from these DIY projects!

Glass vases in a wooden frame-Modern ideas for vases DIY

Glass vases in a wooden frame

Most of the photos show self-made vessels that could be used not only for flowers, but also for other things such as sweets, fruits or souvenirs. Place these beautiful decorative items on the windowsill, in the middle of the table, on the bedside table or next to your bathtub … and you’re done! You always have a great eye-catcher in the room!

Creative idea for vase made of porcelain in red-Modern ideas for vases DIY

Creative idea for a porcelain vase in red

Reusing Cans-Modern Ideas for Vases DIY

Reuse of old cans

Vases made from clothespins-Modern ideas for vases DIY

Vases made from clothespins

Crochet vase-modern ideas for vases DIY

Crochet around the vase

Vase with blackboard paint-Modern ideas for vases DIY

Vase with blackboard paint and a nice message on it

Vase made from a small tree trunk-Modern ideas for vases DIY

Vases made from small tree trunks

Vase from old jeans-modern ideas for vases DIY

Vase from old jeans

Tulips in Glass Vases-Modern Ideas for Vases DIY

Tulips in glass vases

Ball vase-Modern ideas for vases DIY

Ball vase – modern design idea

Easter bells in artfully decorated vases-Modern ideas for vases DIY

Easter bells in artistically decorated vases

Creative idea with colorful spring flowers-Modern ideas for vases DIY

Creative idea with colorful spring flowers

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