Modern design ideas with wicker baskets in the interior decoration

Wicker baskets are undoubtedly very practical for the additional and flexible organization of storage space. This time, however, we are placing the emphasis on a different aspect. It’s about how you get a double benefit by integrating wicker baskets into your interior design concept in a clever and sensible way.

Open your eyes to diversity

The wicker baskets have a centuries-old or perhaps even longer tradition behind them. They exist in several cultures and can be created from a wide variety of materials. So it is so obvious that the wicker baskets offer great variety from a design point of view. The most popular models ensure a classic, rustic or exotic flair in the interior design.

With the right surface treatment, wicker baskets also look beautiful in a vintage or minimalist context. They are also used wonderfully in eclectic concepts, of course.

moderne Gestaltungsideen Flechtkorb

Ideal for tricky places and for storing various decorative items

Transforming a room with an unusual floor plan into a pleasant ambience is a task that is increasingly demanding our attention. First and foremost, it is about creating a balance. The “neutralization” or the functional furnishing of tricky places and wall niches can work well with the right wicker baskets. This is a practical solution with high decorative value, so we should definitely consider it as an idea.

Ideal for different rooms

The wicker baskets are made from a wide variety of materials. They can therefore be moisture-resistant under certain circumstances. This means that you will not encounter any restrictions whatsoever when using these in interior decoration. Wicker baskets can easily make up part of the kitchen or bathroom furnishings. You can also use it to spice up an area on the terrace or porch.

Examples of furnishing ideas with wicker and storage baskets

More warmth in the bathroom

At the moment, bathroom furnishings with wood are becoming more and more popular. It relates to both the furnishing of furniture and the execution of various details. Under certain circumstances, however, such a modern transformation can be quite expensive or time-consuming. The wicker baskets provide the same warmth, but they are much easier to insert and you also have much more freedom of action for experiments. Choose moisture-resistant materials for your wicker baskets. With rattan you create an exotic and warm atmosphere at the same time.

moderne Gestaltungsideen Flechtkorb Anwendung im Badezimmer

Small wicker baskets find their well-deserved place in the modern bathroom

Freshen up your shelves

The wicker baskets can be a part of the minimalist and also the Scandinavian design. A great option is to distribute these in the open shelving system in the kitchen or living room. This refreshes the appearance of these concrete surfaces and also of the entire room in which the wicker baskets are located.

moderne Gestaltungsideen Flechtkörbe im Wohnzimmer

Wicker baskets are the best storage option in the living room and also have a decorative function

Instead of a side table

The wicker basket in the living room can also serve as a small storage area. There you can store books or blankets, maybe even your coffee cup. These are all great excuses to enjoy the decorative effect of such a piece of furniture in the room.

Great space for cosmetics

Small wicker baskets are suitable for storing cosmetics. Tucked away in these, the cosmetics can lie within reach on the shelf or on the table.

Colored wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are not only available in the typical brown colors. They are also painted in white, beige and blue. This is a great way to introduce more color into interior decoration.

moderne Gestaltungsideen Flechtkörbe ihr Einsatz zu Hause

There are wicker baskets in different sizes and colors

Play around with the different sizes

Do you want to allocate the wicker baskets an essential space within your storage space concept? Then you can group several of them next to each other. Such an arrangement of smaller and larger baskets looks like a playful use of the dimensions.

moderne Gestaltungsideen Flechtkörbe multifunktioneller

Nice drawers! Wicker baskets are multifunctional!

Flechtkorb im Vintage Stil Zimmerpflanzen

If you like the vintage style, you can arrange flowers in it or plant them right there

moderne Gestaltungsideen Flechtkörb

You can decide for yourself what exactly you use the wicker baskets for

Flechtkörbe im Bad

Arrange wicker baskets of various sizes on a ladder in the bathroom and store the bathroom cosmetics and hand and bath towels there

moderne Gestaltungsideen mit Flechtkörben im Bad

The decorative effect of every wicker basket cannot be overlooked

Flechtkörbe natürliche Schönheit praktischer Einsatz viele moderne Gestaltungsideen

Discover the natural beauty of the wicker baskets and their practical use

moderne Gestaltungsideen fürs Zuhause Flechtkörbe modernes Badezimmer

A modern bathroom also needs beautiful wicker baskets

moderne Gestaltungsideen Flechtkörbe

Wicker baskets are perfect for the hallway

Flechtkorb im Wohnzimmer hervorragende Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeit für Kleinkram

The wicker baskets can also be used in the living room

Flechtkörbe moderne Gestaltungsidee im Garten

Wicker baskets in the garden – as cachepots for your plant pots – such an ingenious design idea!

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