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Modern electrical appliances for your kitchen

Innovative hand blender with 3 functions

Smoothies made easy with this practical hand blender with cool design kitchen machines kitchen gadgets hand blender

Smoothies are made easy with this practical hand blender with a cool design

If you like to make quick recipes for omelets, soups and smoothies, this product would be the best solution for you. The accessories consist of mixing and measuring cups and a stainless steel whisk.

Steamer box

Trendy steam box for the office microwave dishes, kitchen gadgets, lunch box, silicone

Trendy steamer box for the office

With these compact silicone microwave dishes, meals can be prepared within 10 minutes. Just add the sliced ​​vegetables with a glass of water and turn on the microwave. The result is a delicious healthy lunch. You could also take the steamer with you to the office.

Spaghetti measure

Homemade spaghetti sharing fair -spaghetti scoop spaghetti-mass kitchen gadgets accessories

Share homemade spaghetti fairly

The clever design of this kitchen helper makes portioning spaghetti easy. With this device you no longer have an excuse to eat yourself completely full.

Breakfast sandwich maker

Quick preparation of the main meal-breakfast sandwich maker food processors

Quick preparation of the most important meal

The electrical device allows for quick and complete preparation of rolls, muffins, fried eggs and much more. Fresh ingredients can be transformed into delicious breakfasts within minutes.

Vegetable spiralizer

Vegetable spiralizer for attractive starter kitchen accessories Vegan Spiralizer

Vegetable spiralizer for attractive starters

The kitchen helper with ergonomic design comes to the rescue when preparing salad. The three blades cut thick, julienne narrow and julienne thin. The small device is also intended for decorating salads.
It can be a great addition to any vegan’s kitchen.

Slow cooker

Clean and clean everywhere with the oval saucepan electrical appliances kitchen kitchen appliances

Cook clean and everywhere with the oval saucepan

This food processor is easy to use and can prepare versatile stews, meat and pasta dishes. The three settings and the high capacity make the slow cooker the perfect kitchen helper.

Electric coffee grinder

Electric coffee and nut grinder in black coffee grinder electrical appliances kitchen accessories gift idea

Electric coffee and nut grinder in black

The model, which is equipped with a conical grinder and 10 levels, can be used both for freshly ground coffee beans and for baking.

Digital kitchen scales

Digital scale with removable mixing bowl kitchen accessories modern

Digital scale with removable mixing bowl

A necessary kitchen accessory if you love trying new recipes or are on a strict diet. Make sure that the exact amount of the ingredients is used.
These scales measure in grams and ounces so you can try international recipes. The removable mixing bowl makes it easy to add baking soda or liquid.

Bamboo steamer

Bamboo steamer for healthy food-kitchen gadgets Asian dishes preparation

Bamboo steamer for healthy meals

The cooking method of steaming is healthy because it retains the nutrients in the food. Both vegetables and meat can be steamed in the device. The ingredients are never overcooked.
The kitchen helper saves you electricity and time. In addition, cleaning and composition are easy.
With your wok pan, you could now try more traditional Asian recipes.

Mezzaluna chopping knife

Chopping knife with sleek design kitchen accessories Stainless steel knife

Chopping knife with a sleek design

The traditional chopping knife can be easily folded up and stowed away when not in use. The stainless steel blade ensures that herbs and spices can be cut quickly and easily.
You can use it to prepare a variety of fresh salads in no time.

Food processor

The irreplaceable kitchen helper in black and silver food processor universal chopper

Replaceable kitchen gadgets in black and silver

The stainless steel food processor has 3 stages and is easy to use. Coarse and fine cutting is possible, as well as grinding spices and herbs.
If you like to prepare dips, sauces and nut butters, this food processor will make your work process much easier.

egg cooker

Egg cooker with a small footprint-kitchen accessories electrical appliances egg cooker

Egg cooker with a small footprint

The device can cook up to 7 eggs at the same time. And please, don’t be afraid that your eggs will be boiled soft or hard. That depends on the cooking program. The stainless steel housing of the egg boiler makes the device durable and rust-resistant.

Roast and fat skimmers

Eat fat free with this little kitchen accessory fat skimmer kitchen accessory

Eat fat-free with this little kitchen accessory

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat better and healthier food, this device will come to your aid. With the clever fat separator you can, among other things, separate soups or sauces from the fat.
For example, if you add a sauce, you will see the fat rise to the top. A heat-resistant sieve catches pieces of meat or vegetables. Then the sieve is removed and the healthy sauce is poured off.

Potato press

Potato press for purees or baby food-kitchen utensil kitchen accessories

Potato press for purees or baby food

The handle can be pushed down to make a smooth puree. This also makes the press ideal for preparing baby food.

Egg topper

Egg topper in white and yellow-egg opener eggshell kitchen accessories kitchen gadgets

The egg topper is your assistant at breakfast and is great entertainment value, especially with children.

These were all of our suggestions! You are sure to have some gift ideas ready.

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