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Modern floor lamps ensure a cozy atmosphere in your apartment

The modern ones Floor lamps complement every furnishing concept in the interior and ensure comfort in your apartment. Through the interplay of light and shadow that the lampshades create, you can divide the living space into small, exciting islands of light in order to create a harmonious and delicate atmosphere.

double lamp-bauhaus-look-floor-lamps-stainless steel-living room-ideas

Stylish floor lamp for two, inspired by the classic desk lamps

Nowadays, living rooms are often very spacious and can be brightened up with the usual ceiling lighting. These rooms are used for various purposes, such as reading, watching TV, relaxing. You certainly need directional light for your quiet reading corner. An elegant floor lamp can guarantee it. And if it looks good – even better for the cozy atmosphere in the room. If you watch TV in the dark, the lack of light is harmful to your eyes as the pupils dilate too much and the strong radiation from your TV reaches the retina undisturbed. For this reason, you need a simple floor lamp near the TV cabinet, which gently spreads its subtle light in the room and so your pupils dilate at a normal level. Functional lighting is also a major challenge in the bedroom. When reading or when you have to get up briefly at night and don’t want to wake your partner, an elegant floor lamp is the perfect solution when there are no bedside lamps. In addition, your bedroom will have a provocative hotel look with soft light.


Designer floor lamp ensures high quality light in the reading corner in the living room

creative-lamp-bauhaus-look-floor lamps

Industrial style creative floor lamp

The contemporary floor lamps are made from a wide variety of materials. Mostly they combine two different materials, for example a foot or frame made of metal, plastic or wood and a lampshade made of textile, plastic, glass, ceramic, etc. The variety of design options is huge. For this reason we have put together the best floor lamp designs for you, which you can take a look at right away.


Unusual floor lamp with tripod frame and golden shade in an extravagant shape


Complete the industrial look of the living room with an exquisite metal floor lamp


Elegant floor lamp with a metal base and a black shade


The perforated shade of this designer floor lamp spreads a special penumbra in the interior


The arc lights are a trendy way to use a floor lamp in the interior


Unusual floor lamp spreads a soft, indirect light through the room

spotlights-living room-industrial-style-modern-floor lamps

Floor lamps with a headlamp look are a great accent in an industrial-style room


Modern floor lamps made of stainless steel look very noble in the room

arc lamp-retro-floor-lamps-black-living room

Black arc lamp in retro optics for the reading corner in the living room


Great floor lamp in an industrial style with a metal frame


Romantic floor lamp with 3 shades for a soft light in the bedroom

interior design-3-shades-floor-lamp-modern-floor-lamps

Designer floor lamp with 3 shades in different pastel tones


The playful design of this floor lamp brings us back to childhood

modern-floor-lamps-living room-wise-umbrella-frame-yellow

This simple floor lamp with a yellow frame emphasizes the homely atmosphere

modern-floor-lamps-living room-design-metal frame

Set an exclusive accent in the living room with an eccentric designer floor lamp

Set of 2 modern floor lamps black and white design lamp

Floor lamps with tripod frame and plastic shade in white and black


This great Bauhaus-style floor lamp is the perfect gift for your loved ones who love to hunt

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