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Modern furnishing ideas to make your home contemporary

It sure happened to you too: if you take a close look at your living room design, it seems a bit out of date, not at all up-to-date. This is a signal that it is high time to bring a breath of fresh air into your four walls. Undoubtedly you need modern furniture, slim and elegant room objects, perhaps new color schemes or at least eye-catching visual accents. In short, you have to quickly create a contemporary ambience that you like and that corresponds exactly to your lifestyle. In this regard, we can definitely be of help, because in this article we intend to present you with interesting and modern furnishing ideas and to pair them with great pictures. Thanks to these clever decorating tips, you can easily say goodbye to traditional room design. We help you to give your home a new, contemporary look. Plus, all of the interior design ideas presented here are quite affordable and easy to imitate. There is no way they will be a drain on your budget.

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In this modern living room, two different colored sofas have been combined with neutrally upholstered armchairs in gray. Nevertheless, the room design looks well balanced.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer zwei verschiedenfarbige Sofas neutral gepolsterte Sessel visuelle Balance

  • Modern furnishing ideas: entire furniture sets are perfect!

Yes, exactly! Forget the uniform heavy furniture sets, these are definitely a thing of the past. A hot trend has emerged in modern room design in recent years, and that is the combination of different furniture! Among the modern furnishing ideas you will find an elegant mix of contemporary living room furniture that is not offered in sets but goes well with one another. It’s actually a lot cooler when you combine individual pieces of furniture with each other. Every piece of furniture is unique, but with some of these you can create a uniform looking room.

Dark blue and light gray dominate in this living room. The L-shaped sofa is made in navy blue, the armchairs in the foreground are white and on the right you can see two leather-covered ottomans.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer dunkelblau hellgrau Holzbalken an der Decke

The modern coffee table cuts a fine figure between two different colored sofas.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer moderner Kaffeetisch Holz in der Mitte

How can you go about achieving this design? Quite simply, divide up the furniture sets you have if they match the modern decor. You can place individual pieces of furniture in different rooms. However, if you want to keep an entire set of furniture, you can only replace parts of it, e.g. repainting or upholstering it. In this way you can give the furniture a different look and still have your favorite set entirely. You can also browse the furniture stores online. There you will definitely find individual pieces of furniture cheaply for little money. But these can introduce a refreshing feeling into your home and make the entire design look contemporary. Think about these modern furnishing ideas because they are practical and inexpensive.

Modern furnishing ideas do not only refer to the room design in the living room. Below are great ideas on how you can create a cozy dining room thanks to the combination of different furniture. Definitely worth taking a look!

Do you think this wooden dining table goes well with the upholstered seating?

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Esszimmer Holztisch Sitzbank gepolsterte Stühle

Wood can be perfectly combined with the basic colors black and white.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Esszimmer Holz kombiniert mit Schwarz und Weiß

  • Modern furnishing ideas on how you can integrate tricky areas into the room design

In every apartment there are tricky spots that we don’t like at first glance. These are sometimes difficult to access, so they do not appear to be of any use for design. Often they are empty, there is no furniture, no decoration, no spatial objects – simply nothing! What do we need these posts for? First, tricky places at home are psychologically appealing. They give your eyes a break and introduce a zen feeling into the ambience. Second, they make your home tidier. We all love visual balance, and when there is too much furniture and decorative items in a room, we find it cluttered. That is why we tend to react positively to such spots, as they are easier for our brain to pick up.

A minimalist room that is filled with light and air.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen minimalistisches Wohnzimmer grau viel Licht Luft

In addition, tricky spots are even a must for minimalist and modern interior design ideas. Although these are empty, you can always place something there as you wish. These spots are great for modern art pieces that we absolutely want to flaunt. This highlights the entire room design and creates a cool balance in the room.

All eyes are drawn to the concrete wall here.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer grauen Betonwand Ledermöbel

In this regard, our tip is to follow the modern furnishing ideas presented here and to include tricky spots at home when decorating. It must happen that it is absolutely by design. You also ensure visual harmony in the room. In our picture gallery you will find more modern furnishing ideas that leave more space in the room. You need functional furniture that doesn’t take up too much space. Just take a look at the examples!

Leave enough free space between the furniture.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen großes Wohnzimmer viel freier Platz

Light, air and free space! That includes modern furnishing ideas!

Moderne Einrichtungsideen großes Wohnzimmer weiß und Holz viel Licht Luft freier Platz

  • Contemporary color palette is an important part of modern interior design ideas

Our next tip is to have a single color palette for the whole house! In this way, all the rooms in your home are included in a common concept. A muted beige is no longer trendy. Use black, gray, cream, white, or other bold colors instead. Then you can allow yourself some high-contrast accents that give the rooms a modern look. These are particularly popular in contemporary room design. For example, you can add black hardware that contrasts with white cabinets. This way you can update outdated cabinets and keep using them. And don’t spend any extra money either! The next pictures show you more modern furnishing ideas where you play with the colors! Scroll down and get inspired for a modern room design at home!

A modern and very cozy dining room with blue, white and red chairs around the dining table. The colors are in harmony with the forest painting.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Esszimmer blaue rote weiße Stühle Wandgemälde

Plastic chairs can stand next to upholstered dining chairs without disturbing the overall look of the room.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Esszimmer Plastikstühle neben gepolsterten Esstischstühlen

Modern eat-in kitchen where the room design is right! Easy-care houseplants refresh the ambience.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnküche schöne Möbel Zimmerpflanzen

Pieces of furniture from different styles go well together. Colors too! White, black and wood make up the modern design here.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Ess und Wohnzimmer Holztisch moderne Sitzmöbel

You can’t go wrong with a consistent color palette!

Moderne Einrichtungsideen helles Schlafzimmer einheitliche Farbpalette

Create contrasts! These are very popular in modern design!

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Schlafzimmer Kontraste

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer Kontraste schaffen Akzente setzen

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer viel Licht großes Fenster helles Ambiente niedrige Möbel

There is always a suitable place for your firewood in the modern living room.

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer Brennholz aufbewahren in der Wand

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer Brennholz aufbewahren in der Wand ideen

Gray in all its nuances is trendy!

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer Grau in verschiedenen Nuancen

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Arbeitszimmer einheitliche Farbpalette

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Wohnzimmer Grau als dominierende Farbe

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Badezimmer Grau verschiedene Nuancen in Kontrast

Moderne Einrichtungsideen helles Schlafzimmer Licht von der Decke

Moderne Einrichtungsideen Schlafzimmer eingebaute Kommode

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