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Modern garden furniture – innovative design and high production quality in one

As always, summer comes with lots of sunshine and the wonderful scent of garden flowers. When the weather is good, you want to stay outside in the fresh air as long as possible, spend warm evenings with close friends and family and really relax from everyday stress. It would be even better if you could also enjoy nature in the garden or from the veranda in the other seasons. Is that your wish too? If so, then we can help you create your own oasis of wellbeing outdoors. In the next few lines we will show you how you can set up a comfortable outdoor area. We focus on modern garden furniture that cannot only be used outside in summer. Stick with it and see for yourself!

Outdoor Bereich

A comfortable outdoor area should leave nothing to be desired.

But before we continue with our tips for creating an appealing garden area, let’s draw your attention to one interesting trend. The human endeavor to spend long periods of time outdoors is in full harmony with a trend in interior design and garden design that has been well developed in recent years. More and more efforts are being made to move the living room outside and in this way treat yourself to more comfort. That is to say, the outdoor area must be designed as comfortable and cozy as possible, in a word – more homely. Garden furniture undoubtedly play an important role in this regard. These are among the must-haves in every modern outdoor area and determine its design style. There is a demand for outdoor furniture that can be used well during all four seasons. You will soon find out what requirements modern garden furniture should meet.

Moderne Gartenmöbel

Treat yourself to the comfort you deserve outside.

  • Modern garden furniture has an innovative design and offers seating comfort in all seasons

Modern garden furniture is primarily characterized by its innovative design. They offer excellent seating comfort and enchant with their ergonomic shapes. Whether you place them on the roof terrace or in the garden, they will definitely be the highlights there. Do you perhaps need individual garden chairs, comfortable dining armchairs or do you want to buy an elegant lounge furniture set right away? Do you need a sun lounger that ensures you complete relaxation in the open air? Or would you like a couple of folding armchairs for the balcony? How about a beach chair that offers you a lot of comfort and adds a romantic touch to the garden design? The range of chic and very comfortable garden furniture is really huge, so that the customer is often spoiled for choice.


Innovative furniture design and first-class quality go hand in hand

Before buying garden furniture, you must ask yourself the following questions: What do I do with this elegant piece of furniture in the cold months? Where can I store them over winter? We have the answer, and it’s very simple: You need modern 4 Seasons garden furniture that will serve you all year round. This outdoor furniture must be durable and made of weatherproof materials. They have to withstand bright sun and heavy rain as well as extreme heat and cold. Only then can you leave them outdoors all year long.

Gartenmöbeln und Accessoires

These pieces of furniture can serve you all year round.

The best garden furniture that meets all of these criteria is 4Seasons garden furniture. The products of the company based in the Netherlands have a diverse range so that every customer request can be met. These special pieces of furniture have been tested for their weather resistance, the frames are double powder-coated so that the weather has no influence on them and cannot damage them under any circumstances.

4Seasons Gartenmöbel

4Seasons garden furniture is a renowned brand across Europe.

  • What other advantages does 4 Seasons garden furniture have?

4 Seasons garden furniture is characterized by its high quality. They are made of different materials, especially polyrattan, teak wood, stainless steel and textilene. These are beautiful and weatherproof materials that make it possible that you can use the garden furniture regardless of the climate and weather during all four seasons. The use of high-quality materials in their production is typical of these pieces of furniture. We definitely have to mention the wicker garden furniture made from HULARO fibers as well as the outdoor cushions made from Olifen. The last is an almost waterproof material that is perfect for garden furniture. In order to increase the durability of your outdoor furniture, the experts recommend that you still get protective covers and care products. The pieces of furniture have perfect ventilation and are well protected from condensation in damp weather.

moderner Outdoor Bereich

A network like no other

Gartenmöbel modern ideen

The quality of the production of the 4 Seasons garden furniture is very important

The manufacture of the 4 Seasons garden furniture is based on Indonesia’s centuries-long tradition of wickerwork. The weatherproof pieces of furniture are made exclusively in this distant country, where technical skills, creativity and rich professional experience are combined with one another. After strict quality control, the furniture is packed and shipped to Europe. So they can land in your garden or on the porch too. Just choose the right garden furniture and you will benefit from it for years.

Still in doubt about how to furnish and design your comfortable and stylish outdoor space?

innovativem Möbeldesign und Sitzkomfort

A modern outdoor area that impresses with innovative furniture design and seating comfort


Create your own personal oasis of calm with a modern, weatherproof beach chair!

Hier wird Qualität großgeschrieben.

Quality is very important here.

Moderne Outdoor Möbel

Moderne Outdoor Möbel ideen

Here you can spend numerous pleasant hours with your children….

garten deko ideen

… .. or organize small parties with friends and family.

Outdoor Möbel

Modern outdoor furniture for all four seasons

Moderne Möbel garten ideen

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