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Modern home office is the basis for creative work at home

The modern age has brought digitization into almost all areas of work. This has resulted in unmistakable changes in the way and where we work. First and foremost, the aspect was influenced by how we use the spaces at home. Therefore, a few years ago the idea was redefined that houses and apartments are not exclusively dedicated to living. In your own home you can also work and be productive again. This is how the home office was born! It is now in its prime. During the corona crisis, it is best if we all stay at home. However, one should definitely not neglect one’s work. That is why everyone needs a modern home office in order to continue to be creative and to do a lot of useful things for society. But what rules currently apply when setting up home offices, we want to see below. Stick with it and get inspiration for creating your own home office!

A modern home office looks like this to many people. Simple room design, comfortable furniture, lots of light, direct connection with the outdoor area!

Modernes Homeoffice einfach aber stilvoll eingerichtet schlichtes Raumdesign bequeme Möbel viel Licht direkte Verbindung mit dem Outdoor Bereich

Since we don’t need a lot when working these days, the available space for a modern home office is not particularly important. Most of us who work from home only need a PC or notebook. But this always includes a good and secure internet connection. If that is there, nothing stands in the way of the idea. You can separate a zone within a large room and set up your home office there. The necessary technical equipment depends on your financial possibilities. However, it must be said at this point that modern PCs are getting thinner and lighter, the monitors can be attached to the wall and work very comfortably. Be fast and productive – these are the key words in working from home today!

You don’t need a lot of furniture or all sorts of small items for your modern home office.

Modernes Homeoffice Trennwand einfache Einrichtung Tisch Bürostuhl ein paar Bilder Ordnung und Sauberkeit

A laptop, maybe a few books and the right lighting are must-haves.

Modernes Homeoffice schlichtes Raumdesign Tisch Stuhl Laptop ein paar Bücher gute Beleuchtung

  • In your own home office, you have to create a pleasant atmosphere in order to be productive and creative

We don’t want to give you some clever tips for setting up your home office again, because we have already done that in another article. Or if you are just thinking about which color should dominate your home office, you can find the answer here. When setting up and designing your home office, you always have to keep in mind that you need a pleasant atmosphere there. Ultimately, you will spend many hours in your own home office every day, so there must be the best order there. Therefore, clear out everything that is unnecessary in good time, clean your desk and create the best possible clarity when working. You also need something special around you that encourages your creativity. This can be a nice picture on the wall, a nice family photo or a pot with attractive green plants. These little things usually have a big positive effect in the home office.

A modern home office doesn’t take up much space, it can be an integral part of a large open space.

Modernes Homeoffice eine abgesonderte Arbeitsecke gut beleuchtet Bilder Fotos integrierter Teil eines großen offenen Raums

  • Combine natural and artificial light and enjoy a cozy modern home office

The lighting conditions there are an important element of any room design. In this regard, you have to be very careful in choosing the place for your work desk so that the glaring sun does not disturb you in summer or the strong daylight in the other seasons does not blind your eyes. The rule here is – no window in the back! Place your work area so that daylight does not come directly onto your screen. Perhaps the best position is next to the window as you can also take a look outside from time to time. If you have a little green garden there, it is very calming. But also refreshing and motivating.

If the daylight comes from the right, that’s very good.

Modernes Homeoffice helles sauberes Ambiente schlichtes Raumdesign Tageslicht kommt von rechts

Modernes Homeoffice langer Tisch Stuhl eingebaute Schränke Tageslicht kommt von rechts

After you have properly considered the natural light conditions, then you can also think of artificial light sources. In this regard, an elegant floor lamp that emphasizes the modern flair in your home office would not be a bad idea. You can also buy a desk lamp that matches the style of your workplace and provides enough light in the evening. Under no circumstances should this dazzle you when you are working, but only illuminate the desk well. However, it is not recommended that you work a lot in the evening under artificial light. That’s bad for the eyes! Take care of yourself!

Combine daylight and artificial lighting and create a cozy and pleasant workplace.

Modernes Homeoffice helles gut geordnetes Zimmer genug Tageslicht Sofa zwei Stühle Tisch Lampe darüber Treppe rechts

Modern home office in a minimalist industrial style!

Modernes Homeoffice Arbeitsplatz vor dem Fenster eingebaute Bücherwand weiche Sitzmöbel im minimalistischen Industrial Style

Modernes Homeoffice Tisch zwei Lampen großer Raum im Industrial Style

These are just a few aspects of setting up a modern home office. Hopefully we were able to motivate you to make your very private work area pleasant, so that you can work really creatively and productively there. Now scroll down and be inspired for a modern home office design!

The partition guarantees both young people good concentration and independent work in the common home office.

Modernes Homeoffice für zwei Personen gemeinsamer Tisch Trennwand sorgt für gute Konzentration und selbständige Arbeit

Modernes Homeoffice Bücherwand als Trennwand einfaches Raumdesign viele Farben

Simplicity in room design is a big plus!

Modernes Homeoffice einfaches Raumdesign Tisch Stuhl Hängeleuchte genug Tageslicht

A few green plants and colored accents in the room encourage your creative thinking and work!

Modernes Homeoffice geräumiges Zimmer großes Fenster ein paar grüne Pflanzen farbige Akzente in Gelb

Is this what the home office of the future will look like?

Modernes Homeoffice minimalistisches Raumdesign Glaswand Grünpflanze künstliches Licht Vase mit grünen Zweigen

… or maybe so?

Modernes Homeoffice Minimalismus Glaswand getrennte Arbeitsplätze gute Beleuchtung Sauberkeit und Ordnung

Your home office has to be bright and inviting too.

Modernes Homeoffice helles Holz überall Treppe kleiner Arbeitsplatz minimalistisches Design

You don’t need a lot of space for this!

Modernes Homeoffice kleines Heimbüro als integrierter Teil eines großen Zimmers

… But your creativity and practical thinking are required!

Modernes Homeoffice zwei Mädchen im Gespräch vor dem Laptop angenehme Raumatmosphäre hell und gemütlich

Modernes Homeoffice helles Holz minimalistisches Raumdesign

Modernes Homeoffice schmaler Raum Minimalismus pur in der Gestaltung wenig Sachen Sauberkeit und Ordnung

Modernes Homeoffice kleiner Arbeitsplatz als Teil eines großen Raums

Modernes Homeoffice schlichtes Raumdesign zwischen Minimalismus und Industrial Style

You can work while your children play on the second floor.

Modernes Homeoffice heller einladender Raum schlichtes Design Kinder spielen im zweiten Stock

Modernes Homeoffice heller einladender Raum schlichtes Design Industrial Style Kinder spielen im zweiten Stock

Modernes Homeoffice offener heller Raum jeder hat seinen Platz

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