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Modern house in Brazil with a tropical flair

Most people strive to have their own home, away from the noise and stress of everyday life. That is why we are presenting you with examples of contemporary houses in different corners of the world that are well worth seeing. On the one hand, these illustrate the trends in modern architecture and, on the other hand, show how one lives in other countries. In addition, they can serve as a great source of inspiration for anyone planning to build a new home or renovate an old one. For today’s post we have selected a meaningful example of a modern house in Brazil. It scores with its imposing architecture, stylish interior design and the tropical flair that you can feel everywhere. Here we see a lot of glass, concrete and stone immersed in a lush green. Stick with it and get inspired.

A modern house surrounded by glass, concrete and lots of tropical greenery.

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair Außenaussicht Glas Beton Steinwand viel Grün Gras Gartenliegen

A modern house in Brazil seen from the outside for the first time

This beautiful modern house is located in Guarujá, Brazil. It is intended as a chic single-family house, but can also be used as a holiday home. The house was designed by the architects Zalc Arquitetura and Rua 141. It extends over 400 square meters on 525 square meters of lush tropical greenery. It also has a narrow garden pool and a covered terrace. A lot of green has also been planted in front of the concrete fence walls. After a few years, this will develop into a natural privacy screen that will round off the green note in the garden.

A glimpse of a modern house and its lovely green garden.

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair Außenaussicht Glas Beton Steinwand Einfahrt Carport üppiges Grün

You are sure to have noticed the peculiar shape of this modern house. It has a rectangular floor plan and a flat roof. On the front and back there are long balconies with glass railings covered by a geometric pergola. Everything is made of stone, concrete or glass and adorned with greenery. The grass grows over the flagstones on the path to the house, while two walls on the ground floor are made of rough Spanish stones. To create a contrast of natural and man-made materials, the upper floor is made of light gray concrete and lots of glass. There you will also see a gorgeous green wall that enhances the tropical flair in this house and only gives us an idea of ​​what it looks like inside.

The floor-to-ceiling windows allow us a great view of the tropical greenery in the garden.

modernes Haus in Brasilien Wohn und Esszimmer offenes Wohnkonzept Esstisch Stühle

The open living concept distinguishes this modern house in Brazil

The balcony at the front of the house protrudes to the right to create a covered entrance and carport. From there you go through a glass wall directly into the spacious living room of the house. When entering, one is impressed by the dimensions of this room and by its open living concept. The living room and dining room form a spacious ambience and are twice as high. On the ground floor there is also the kitchen, a TV room and two bedrooms with their own bathrooms. Most of the furniture in the living room and dining room is made of wood, which fits perfectly into the open space. A concrete staircase with a glass railing leads to the next floor. This mix of natural materials is just proof that it is establishing itself as a trend in modern architecture. In addition, the generous use of glass blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. For example, sliding glass doors lead to an outside grill and an outside dining area.

The rooms on the ground floor are flooded with light thanks to the generously designed glass windows and walls. They also blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair Wohnzimmer Holzmöbel

On the upper floor there is another seating area with glass railings. From there you have a view of the whole living room. Up here are four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and sliding glass doors to the terraces. The bathrooms have skylights that provide natural light and ventilation to reduce electricity needs. Modern solar panels are also used to heat water. The excess heat is used to warm the pool. White walls contrast with the abundance of wood furniture and accents of rattan and hemp to create a natural yet contemporary feel. This modern house is decorated with many pieces of furniture by Brazilian designers.

If you need more inspiration for a modern home then scroll down. You will find more great pictures that speak for a natural tropical flair and that only astonish us Europeans.

The combination of different natural materials is actually overwhelming.

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair offenes Wohnkonzept Esstisch Stühle aus Holz Kombination

There are also beautiful green potted plants on the upper floor, where you can watch TV comfortably and undisturbed.

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair Obergeschoss grüne Topfpflanzen Fernseher an der Wand Sofa weiße Polsterung Glasgeländer

The outdoor dining area is surrounded by a stone wall and lush greenery and looks very cozy and inviting.

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair Essbereich im Freien viel Grün Steinmauer Flechtsessel Sitzkissen

There is another dining area and built-in kitchen on the upper floor.

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair Essbereich eingebaute Küche im Obergeschoss hell einladend

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair Essbereich Esstisch aus Holz Hängelampen Geflecht

This bathroom has been spiced up in a minimalist way with industrial touches.

modernes Haus in Brasilien minimalistisches Bad in Weiß Industrial Touches in Grau

Elegant sliding doors separate the rooms if necessary.

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair Wohnzimmer im Obergeschoss elegante Schiebetüren trennen die Räume

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair Wohnzimmer im Obergeschoss elegante Schiebetüren

The narrow pool in the garden offers unlimited bathing fun.

modernes Haus in Brasilien mit tropischem Flair schmaler Gartenpool Badespaß ohne Grenzen für Groß und Klein viel Grün

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