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Modern ideas for your wall design

Each of us wants a home that exudes a lot of comfort and charm. In the eigIn our four walls we want to really relax after every stressful day, to feel comfortable and comfortable. We want to help you a bit and today we show you interesting ideas for a modern home decor. We focus precisely on the wall design that corresponds to the latest trends in interior design. Follow these practical tips and you will soon have a very personal oasis of wellbeing at home.

living room wall design

Enjoy the beauty of nature inside and outside every day!

  1. Bring nature outside directly inside and integrate its beauty into your interior design!

A clearly pronounced trend in recent years has been the desire of an increasing number of house owners to integrate the beauty of nature into their interior space. You could do that easily if you had such amazing panoramic views right from your windows! But if you can’t enjoy this picture every day, then of course there are other solutions. Design the living room with a lot of green! Beautiful green plants scattered here and there, a modern vase on the table with fragrant cut flowers or other natural elements skilfully introduced into the interior contribute a lot to the personal character of each room and make it appear cozy. All of this creates a living space full of peace and serenity, where you can think creatively and positively, live healthily and spend many pleasant hours with family and friends.


Spice up the bare wall with geometric patterns


Straight lines on the wall and bright colors everywhere make up the room here

  1. Geometric shapes and patterns are also very popular in interior design

Try to spice up a bare and boring-looking room wall with geometric patterns and you will never regret this decision. Geometric shapes, figures of all kinds and other elements are currently very trendy! They are in great demand because they instantly change the look of the entire room and often serve as great eye-catchers.

wall design-bedroom-bed-original

You need a real eye-catcher in the room! It doesn’t really matter whether that would be a real feat or an imitation on the wall. It is important that your wall design looks striking!


Abstract art on the wall – this is often preferred by many art fans

  1. Unusual works of art bring you fresh note in the interior

If you need a special eye-catcher in a room, then design a wall there in such a way that it immediately attracts everyone’s attention. A perfect idea in this regard is to hang a fancy piece of art in such a way that everyone can admire it from different angles. Not only would it freshen up your room design, it would reveal a lot about your character as well.

wall design-ideas-living room-ideas

Wall stickers can also be used in modern rooms

  1. Wall stickers and wall tattoos are a definite trend in interior design

Minimalistic or Furnished in a very modern way, in a rustic or vintage style, your interior can completely reflect your personality. To do this, new, very trendy methods teach. Here we have to mention the wall stickers and the wall tattoos, of course. They look particularly good in the children’s or bedroom, but also have a well-deserved place in the living room. These create a completely new ambience, where the personal touch dominates. Would you like such a wall design in your own four walls?


A grass green wallpaper with an interesting pattern creates an accent wall immediately


Geometric shapes in bright colors make up the accent wall here

  1. Having an accent wall is a must in a modern room

Having an accent wall in the room is actually nothing new. But now it is definitely designed in bright colors or based on geometric patterns. Such a wall cannot go unnoticed, on the contrary! It immediately attracts everyone’s attention! Create a modern wall design with beautiful wallpapers, unusual natural materials such as wood or stone and give your interior a very chic look!

photo wall design

The photo wall has been a popular furnishing method in recent years


Exhibit pictures that get you creative and inspire you

  1. Family photos and other mementos are popular on display in the modern home

Yeah, that’s quite a bitLich new trend in wall design that introduces a strong personal touch into the room and tells a lot about you and your inner life. More and more people are designing a photo wall and thus remembering all the wonderful moments that one has experienced with close family members and good friends. A beautifully designed picture wall is also a great eye-catcher that refreshes the interior. Art pictures or family photos – it depends on your personal tastes and preferences, but both composition methods are equally good.


Cover a wall with wooden planks that harmonize with the rest of the room furnishings

wall design-kitchen-ideas-natural stone-optics

This stone wall with built-in bio fireplace is without a doubt my favorite among the wall design ideas presented here. And you too, right?


Bare concrete walls can often be seen in industrial house design.


Use as many natural materials as possible for wall design – this is now the trend!

  1. As many natural materials as possible are used in the wall design

Last but not least, we want your attentionFocus on another trend in modern wall design – that is the broad use of more and more natural materials in wall design. These go with different interior styles, so they can be used without any problems. Wooden boards or wooden panels on the wall in the living room, an entire wall with a stone look or natural stone in the kitchen or a concrete wall in industrial furnishings can be seen more and more often in interior design. They strongly emphasize the style you prefer and bring a lot of personal charm to the ambience.


The wall in the children’s room must also be designed creatively

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