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Modern ideas on how to decorate your entrance area on your doorstep

According to psychologists, the first impression is particularly important. This always counts and determines our personal likes and dislikes. This rule applies not only to people but also to houses. Whether we like a house or not, it becomes clear on the doorstep. Have you also asked yourself how the entrance area in front of your front door affects your guests, neighbors or random passers-by? Most likely not! In the following we will show you that this area must not be neglected either. We present great modern decoration ideas, how you can make it inviting and chic.

Your home has to be inviting to your guests.

vor der Haustür dekorieren eleganter Eingangsbereich in Grau eine grüne Pflanze im Kübel und zwei in Flechtkörben

Think about how to decorate the entrance area on your doorstep!

vor der Haustür dekorieren schöner Look zwei gelbe Kübel mit Grünpflanzen farblich abgestimmt mit der Eingangstür

Why did we choose modern design ideas for the entrance area in front of the front door? Because the modern style of furnishing is popular with most homeowners these days. It fills the interior with a high level of aesthetics, making it extremely cozy and inviting. This style can’t just stay sealed indoors, which is why many people choose it for design outside, on their doorstep. Whether you have a few flights of stairs or a small veranda that faces the street, here you will find the best modern decorating ideas that will make a cool first impression of your home. If you want to make your house something special, already at the front door, then stay with us and let yourself be inspired for modern decoration outside!

Modern decoration on the doorstep doesn’t have to be pompous, but stylish.

vor der Haustür dekorieren

This also reveals the furnishing style in the interior of your home.

vor der Haustür dekorieren schönes graues Haus Eingangstür helles Holz zwei Kübel beiderseits

How to decorate the room in front of the front door?

The secret of how to decorate the entrance area on your doorstep lies in simple elegance. Our advice is to leave as much free space as possible. Place a fancy planter or flower pot to the left or right of the front door. Maybe both sides, if that works. It is recommended that the color of this vessel is in line with the door. Brave homeowners choose modern doors that are done in a bold color. Others paint the front door in a striking color, for example red, orange, black, green, yellow or even pink. Presumably this color also sets the tone in the interior. In addition, you can opt for a dark stained floor or a floor clad with patterned tiles. That makes the small area in front of the front door eye-catching.

How do you like this idea of ​​decorating the front door area?

vor der Haustür dekorieren tolle Gestaltungsidee eleganter Look hellgrüne Tür Topf mit Grünpflanze links davor

You can never go wrong with light wood and a couple of planters.

vor der Haustür dekorieren viel helles Holz Pflanzenkübel Eimer mit Grünpflanzen

Above we mentioned the expression simple elegance. Yes, to be able to decorate on your doorstep, stylish and modern, you don’t need a lot. Play skillfully with colors and just put a flower pot in front of the door. This is a very simple and super modern decoration idea for the entrance area in front of the front door. You can add tall modern planters in black or gray, or bold colors that have interesting shapes. As said above, they need to be a good match for your door. Choose green plants or mini-trees that have lush foliage. It is better to do without flowering plants, they no longer look modern. Such a modern entrance will make a cool first impression and prepare your guest for more stylish interiors.

Doesn’t this decoration on your doorstep look modern, elegant and stylish?

vor der Haustür dekorieren modern und minimalistisch elegante Haustür links begrünte Fläche tolle optische Ergänzung

The potted plants bring a green note to the front door area.

vor der Haustür dekorieren Topfpflanzen eine grüne Note mitbringen Haustür aus hellem Holz

Larger verandas can also be decorated in a modern way

If your porch is big enough to put some furniture there, then make good use of the space! Opt for stylish modern benches, chairs, rocking beds and sofas, for printed pillows and blankets. Continue with the same ideas as above: paint the front door and floor a color that will turn out instantly. Lay the floor with eye-catching tiles; make a glass railing for a more modern feel. Plant some green in chic modern-style pots and add candle lanterns or other modern accessories that you like. Because the entrance area has to be properly lit, doesn’t it?

The lighting at the front door is part of the decoration.

vor der Haustür dekorieren die Beleuchtung als Teil der Dekoration zwei Wandleuchten beiderseits der Tür darunter zwei elegante Kübel mit Grünpflanzen

Two wall lanterns are definitely enough to light this area, right?

vor der Haustür dekorieren zwei Wandlaternen beleuchten den elegant gestalteten Bereich

Now take a look at the ideas that we have selected for you. They can be a great source of inspiration for you. Feel free to steal them for your home! We hope you will be able to decorate your entrance area in front of your front door in a modern and stylish way and make it really inviting. You can find more interesting decoration ideas for atmospheric Christmas decorations at the entrance here. The first good impression of your home is guaranteed with such decoration!

This decorative potted plant is a real eye-catcher.

vor der Haustür dekorieren schöne Topfpflanzen hohen dekorativen Wert zieht alle Blicke auf sich

Beautifully patterned tiles on the stairs spice up the whole entrance room.

vor der Haustür dekorieren schwarze Tür schön gemusterte schwarz weiße Fliesen auf den Treppen eine kleine Tanne im schwarzen Kübel

The visual effect is guaranteed here!

vor der Haustür dekorieren einfache Eleganz in der Outdoor Gestaltung großer visueller Effekt

If you have a larger veranda ……

vor der Haustür dekorieren eine größere Veranda geht zum Innenhof elegante Sitzmöbel darauf platzieren

… you can also place outdoor furniture outside.

vor der Haustür dekorieren schwarze Tür elegant gemusterte Bodenfliesen Grünpflanzen zwei Korbsessel

vor der Haustür dekorieren große Veranda dunkler Boden Hängesessel Laternen Pflanzenkübel mit Grünpflanzen

vor der Haustür dekorieren gemütliche Sitzecke auf der Veranda zum Innenhof schöne Grünpflanze

This green decoration on the doorstep creates a positive first impression!

vor der Haustür dekorieren drei Holzstufen geflieste Veranda viele Kübel mit Grünpflanzen einen tollen ersten Eindruck

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