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Modern laundry room – is practical laundry room equipment a dream or a reality?

Of course, the title of our contribution today is very provocative. Anyone who can afford a modern laundry room has one. It’s not just about financial opportunities, it’s also about space and space. We all know how limited the living space is in most big city apartments. But if you are about to move into a new apartment or want to build a house on the outskirts, it would be advisable to include a room with a very practical function in the design concept. We want to give you some design ideas for your laundry room furnishings!

Modern laundry room facility

A small room with a practical function

– Choose a suitable room for your laundry room
You don’t need a large space for a modern laundry room, but it should be practically intended for that purpose only. In advance, you need to think carefully about how you plan to use every square meter there. The laundry room can be an integral part of another room and can be hidden behind sliding doors. There you still need to have the necessary connections for your devices, plan a water pipe system and possibly also a sink. If you have enough space, we can only recommend that you provide a cupboard for washing and hygiene products. And what is better for you to hang up your laundry after the wash cycle or to put it straight into the dryer? Depending on your preferences, you would still need a drying rack in your laundry room. Plan down to the smallest detail so that you can use every area properly in the available space. And don’t forget: this room needs cleaning too. Actually, the laundry room always has to be clean and well-organized. In order to meet this requirement, you can include a tiled floor in the concept, tiled walls and a cabinet system where you can store folded laundry and much more. When designing the room, rely on light colors, these make even the small room appear visually larger!

Laundry room idea

Choose subtle colors that are as light as possible, they visually enlarge the room!

small modern laundry room

Plan your modern laundry room down to the smallest detail

– Cleverly place the necessary devices
This is particularly important in the laundry room – the devices (washing machine, dryer) must be placed in such a way that they can easily perform all operations. A distance between the washing machine and dryer is not desirable, because the laundry that has already been washed may have to be hung up, but it is better to put it in the dryer immediately. Positioned next to each other is the best option. Stackable arrangement would also be possible, this is preferred by some homeowners, because it can definitely save space. You have to decide for yourself which option works better for you, depending on the space available there. A modern laundry room also includes work surfaces, shelves and at least one closet, so that contemporary housewives do not waste time washing. If you have enough space, you can also integrate an ironing board there, because washing and ironing go hand in hand.

interesting facility laundry room

An integrated ironing board is a successful solution, because washing and ironing go hand in hand

white laundry room design idea

Depending on your needs, you can plan a sink or none at all!

– Containers, baskets and other accessories
When designing a laundry room, it is important to have enough space in front of the machines so that each operation goes easily. Baskets or other containers for the laundry are a must, but they should be out of the way and not disturb you as you walk by. Drawers in the closet and other shelves for detergents or cleaning preparations must also be provided. And as we mentioned earlier, you can play it safe and place a clothes horse there or have hangers on a bar. They are always useful in a contemporary laundry room.

white laundry room interior decor idea

The modern laundry room should be a nicely furnished room

modern laundry room

Washer and dryer can be placed next to each other or in a stackable arrangement.

Follow our furnishing tips and you will be able to use your practically designed laundry room for years to come! In the picture gallery below you will find many ideas for the design in this room. Have fun browsing!

modern laundry room ideas

The modern laundry room can also stand behind sliding glass doors

laundry room set up furniture

Baskets and other containers can only make your work easier.

interesting laundry room furnishing idea wood

Floor tiles and wall tiles ensure more cleanliness in the laundry room

laundry-room-furnishing-elegant ideas

So that the room looks cozy, everything there has to be in harmony with colors.

Laundry room inspirations

White is always synonymous with cleanliness

Modern wood laundry room

White and chocolate brown in contrast look good too, don’t they?


Does your dream laundry room look the same? That’s one to fall in love with!

Washing machine design laundry room-modern

Functionality is very important here!

small laundry room

The modern laundry room with lots of daylight looks very comfortable


Fall white and navy blue. Your favorite colors are ……… ..

Modern laundry room with washing machine

interesting laundry room furnishing ideas

Laundry room ideas

modern laundry room ideas

modern white laundry room design idea

laundry-kitchen-furnishing-ideas wood

Laundry room set up ideas

modern laundry room wooden floor

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