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Modern materials in the interior design

The trend in interior design continues to be the combination of different materials and surfaces. With this, known materials are to be used to make the rooms more interesting. The various materials for home decor and furniture are just as important in interior design as the design itself. Small elements are used to give the apartments or bungalows a personal essence.

Metals are playing an increasingly important role in this. Bronze and aluminum are used to set important accents. Both metals can be equipped with different surfaces and aluminum in particular can be adapted to the interior with many different color combinations, the best example of this are the house doors from Inotherm. The manufacturer offers the possibility of combining materials with one another and integrating the latest technology in the doors.

moderne Materialien in der Inneneinrichtung Haustür aus Metall modernes Design Seitenteil aus Glas

Another trend is the use of environmentally friendly building materials that are combined with the existing elements. Nowadays, tiles made from coconut shells are even offered, which can be easily processed in different designs. The carrier plates are usually made of wood, on which the coconut shells are glued with resin. They can be easily cut with a saw or even scissors and adapted to the intended use.

moderne Materialien in der Inneneinrichtung auffälliger Tisch aus Holz und Metall auffälliges Design

A very unusual design can be implemented with tiles made from leftover leather that has long been used as a building material for niche interiors. The leather scraps come from old car seats, furniture or old tanneries. The color-intensive leather tiles offer the possibility of an interesting and colorful design in each room can be individually adapted.

On the other hand, panels that are covered with fabric are cheaper. They are easy to make and are the traditional method of upholstering walls. Compared to the other methods, these panels also offer another advantage. You can control the reverberation and the scarf in one room and provide acoustic separation in the apartments. These panels, which are easy to make yourself, can make a room look warm and cozy.

Moderne Materialien in der Inneneinrichtung Wandpaneele aus Holz schaldämpfend geräumiges Schlafzimmer

Image by Ferenc Keresi from Pixabay

A little more modern and perhaps not for every taste, are laser cut sheet metal plates that are used as design elements. They offer the possibility of using lamps to cast artistic shadows on the walls and can be individually adapted to the needs of the residents. Often they are also used with bronze tiles that have been used for centuries to create timeless works of art and combine them in architecture. They offer a beautiful counterpart to the modern style elements that can be combined in a modern building. In addition, bronze is so insensitive and can withstand any weather.

moderne Materialien in der Inneneinrichtung Gartentor aus Blech Laser geschnittene Platten

The combination of wood and transparent resin is a bit more modern and unusual. The possibility of using crystal clear resin offers the possibility of keeping the wooden elements in a wonderful shape. The resin, which can also be colored in different colors, creates style elements that are each unique. Environmentally friendly resins that are obtained from natural plant extracts are already used today. Developed as a sustainable replacement for polyester resin, they are virtually odorless, so they can be safely used in any home or work environment.

moderne Materialien in der Inneneinrichtung Korbmöbel für den Garten Korbweide umweltfreundlich langlebig lange haltbar

We have to mention one more material that has been used for centuries and keeps coming back into fashion. It is wicker that has been used for centuries and is made from natural materials. The material offers an aesthetic appearance and a soft texture, which is associated with good insulating properties. The artificial version of wicker is also used in modern interiors. Mostly polyethylene is used for this, which is becoming more and more popular due to its durability and durability. It is a particularly good choice for garden furniture, as the material is absolutely insensitive and can be left outside in all weather conditions. The material can be made in any color so that it can be easily adapted to the design of the existing furniture.

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