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Modern shades of blue for your wall color and room accents

Blue is one of the primary colors in the cold section of the color palette. Blue is a relaxing color in itself and can affect the ambience in a number of ways. Their effects range from creativity and freedom to security and trust. Blue is one of the universal colors to consider for your interior design. However, it is not an easy decision to make because there are many shades of blue that work well in a room. We have selected a few tones for you that are particularly modern and effective. You can give the simple ambience an upscale luxury character.

Arctic blue as a wall color


Arctic blue as a wall color just looks adorable

Blue lighting in combination with water creates the nuances of the so-called arctic blue. Also add “solid” elements in the same color! This can be sofas with soft upholstery. Since such equipment can appear quite cool, you can achieve more balance with bonsais and other green plants.

Deep blue

deep blue-wall-paint-blue

Achieve an optical balance with this deep blue

A lot of people like deep blue, this shade of blue is found in some of the most famous classical works of art. Deep blue represents the water element, but also its contact with the earth. It’s perfect when you want to add cool and fresh aesthetics to a rural setting. This shade of blue is suitable for furnishings in Feng Shui style. There it is associated with refreshment and cleansing.

Ocean blue

Ocean blue is a popular color for many homeowners

Ocean blue is a popular color for many homeowners

Choose the transparent and powerful look of the ocean for your wall color. As with the arctic variant, you can enhance the effect with artistic lighting. It would be ideal to use a wall paper with a texture and pattern that mimics the flow of water.

Aegean blue color


Does this shade of blue remind you of your last vacation on the Aegean Sea?

This is another shade of blue inspired by water. Preferably use them in combination with simple patterns and other dark shades. This creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, which is ideal for the bedroom.

Sapphire blue


A sapphire blue interior exudes sophistication and charm

Elements in sapphire blue look like precious stones in the interior. This color appears noble and the room is filled peacefully and with security at the same time. Sapphire blue works well with many other shades of blue. They make for a generally very refreshing aesthetic.

Military blue

military blue-wall-paint-blue

The military blue is broken up by a few bright accents in orange and grass green

Military blue works well as both a background and an accent color (and for all sorts of in-between variations as well). This is an easy way to give a room a masculine character. On a psychological level, they also promote a number of strong character traits such as loyalty, strength, trust.

Blueberry Blue


The saturated blueberry nuance as a wall color

Blueberries have their very own nuance that you can hardly find again in nature. It looks very lively and goes well with rooms where the theme of nature predominates in the decoration.

Ice blue for the furniture in the living room

  Ice blue on the chair and the wall has a calming effect in the first place

Ice blue on the chair and the wall has a calming effect in the first place

Do you love the fresh aesthetics of winter? It is best to transfer this to the living room and choose furniture in ice blue!



Turquoise – a successful mix between blue and green

Turquoise is the best choice if you are looking for a great variation that is somewhere between blue and green. If you choose this as the wall color, you create a friendly and at the same time attractive ambience. The lighter it is, the more relaxed and liberating the ambience feels. Turquoise works as a great decorative accent in very bright rooms. More modern “blue” ideas for wall color and room accents These are just a few of the many different variants of blue that can make your ambience modern and attractive. Here are some other options: indigo, slate blue, pool blue. They are all inspired by the great outdoors and real life. If you choose this as the wall color in your own home, you would reveal a lot about your personality and impress friends and relatives.

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