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Modern staircase design – design ideas for your staircase

If you are moving into a new house soon, think more about the furnishing of the individual rooms and certainly not about the stairwell design right away. This is the case with many house owners and we know the problem well: the staircase is underestimated in terms of design and design options. So that this doesn’t happen to you and so that you avoid certain mistakes, we want the modern today Staircase design under the microscope and show you great picture examples.

First of all, you need to see where the stairs are going to be in your house. Do you have a real staircase or is the staircase integrated into the interior of the living room? In both cases, it was possible to determine the design of your staircase so that it is in visual harmony with the rest of the interior design and is not too conspicuous. Concerning modern staircase design you are definitely spoiled for choice! From classic to unusual, from rustic to futuristic, every single idea would be suitable if you incorporate it skillfully into the overall design concept of your house. Spiral staircases have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. They have an unusual design and bring modernity and extravagance into your four walls.

Moderne Treppen Designs im Wohnbereich

A modern staircase design must be perfectly integrated into the overall design concept


The spiral staircase is very popular

When we talk about modern staircase design, we immediately come to an important aspect of staircase design, namely the material for stairs and railings. In most cases, these are made from wood, because this natural material always radiates a lot of warmth and goes well with different furnishing styles. The latest staircase design, however, prefers glass as the main material for railings, because it captivates with its transparency and allows the boundary between the staircase and the interior to merge. The combination of wood and metal is very popular, because this duo always results in stylish designs. But before you decide on a specific material, you must first consider the safety of the stairwell and avoid any possible risk of slipping.

Treppendesign Wendeltreppe Holz

Spiral staircase made of wood, which is skilfully integrated into the room design

moderne elegante Treppen aus Holz

Modern staircase design, which combines wood, glass and concrete

There are very modern designs of the staircase that do not include any terrain. This option is very visually appealing, but unfortunately too risky. Especially if you have toddlers at home, we would definitely not recommend them.

treppenhaus minimalistisch

Staircase design in minimalist style

moderne treppen interessantes design

Modern staircase design without railings, but with built-in lighting, these stairs lead directly to the house library

Last but not least, we want to talk about the lighting and decoration in the stairwell. Both design aspects are undoubtedly particularly important for a modern staircase design. Integrated stairwell lighting is popular with many house residents, we would add that this is also a very successful solution and is very trendy. But in addition to modern light sources, wall and ceiling lighting are also the focus of our attention, because they correspond to the classic staircase design. And as far as the decoration is concerned, there are no limits. Because it is precisely with the right decoration that you can put a certain area of ​​your staircase in the limelight. Popular in this regard are pictures and photos on the wall, chic rugs and stair carpets. The decoration shouldn’t be trivial for anyone, because it is the small details that make the modern design! The modern staircase design is also included!

Draw more inspiration from our picture gallery and design a modern staircase at home!

moderne wohnung treppen

Classic staircase that is also properly lit.

rustikales Treppenhaus

It can also be a little rustic!

elegantes Treppendesign Landhausstil

Elegant staircase design in country style, lots of daylight during the day, wall lighting at night


Mystical, but very stylish, a modern staircase design in dark tones

Offene Treppe aus Holz

Pure minimalism a simple staircase design leads to the space under the slope

Treppen aus Holz im minimalistischen Stil

Floating wooden stairs in minimalist style

Treppendesign Minimalismus

Minimalism has conquered staircase design

Treppen Designs stahl rahmen schwarz

Brick wall and antique column adorn the stairwell and make it look very special and striking


A uniform staircase design unites the individual floors

elegantes Treppendesign Holz

Elegant wooden staircase design is paired with floor-to-ceiling windows

schwarz weiß Treppendesign

Modern staircase design in black and white

Treppen Holz Marmor

Floating stairs made of wood, first step made of marble and stable railing characterize the entire staircase design here

Modernes Treppendesign

Use the space under the stairs and create a cozy reading corner there

Modernes Treppendesign Holz

Modern wooden staircase design with practical wall shelves on the right where you can store magazines and decorative items

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