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Modern stairs combine simplicity and elegance in design

When building or converting a house that has two or more floors, it is essential to plan practical internal stairs in advance that lead from one floor to the other. Their use is beyond doubt, but then the question arises: how should these stairs be so that they become part of the overall building concept? We now show the answer to this in pictures and text. In short, modern stairs must be very simple and elegant in their design. For many, the railing is missing or is made of metal and glass so that it does not disturb the view. This completes the entire architectural design of the modern staircase. In this article you will learn a little more about the contemporary design of house stairs and about the most common materials used in modern staircase construction. Stay tuned and let yourself be surprised!

Modern stairs, chic staircase design is seamlessly inscribed in the room

Modern stairs in the house present architectural simplicity and elegance in their design.

  • Modern stairs inside the house have an inconspicuous, elegant design

Architecture as an art movement is also constantly evolving. This is also reflected in the staircase design. What was considered chic 50 years ago is now a thing of the past. Modern man strives for constructions that are simply designed, but that are stable and safe. The ever advancing technologies help a lot in this regard, because now the safety of modern stairs is the first priority in construction. The design corresponds to the new attitude towards life of the house residents, which means more transparency is required, simple shapes and inconspicuous decorations are now in. Just as simply designed, modern stairs fit seamlessly into the open plan of contemporary houses. They do not interfere with the whole concept, on the contrary, they emphasize the architectural style of the house in an inconspicuous way.

Moderne Treppen großzügiges Treppendesign schick und stabil

The stair design is evolving and presents us with new challenges in stair construction.

  • Which materials can be used when building modern stairs?

Glass, metal, concrete and wood are the most popular materials in the construction of modern house stairs. These guarantee 100 percent security and stability and make the implementation of contemporary design concepts easier. You are sure to wonder why the stairs “float” freely in the air. Banisters are often missing so that the stairs can be better inscribed in the room design. Yes, they are even mounted on the wall with no visible fasteners, which emphasizes the simplicity of their design. Glass is usually preferred when building modern stairs, mainly because of its perfect transparency. Then comes metal, especially with the banisters you only see elegantly designed metal elements. Wood and concrete are classic in their construction, but they ensure the stability of the entire staircase. Now take a look at our picture examples and choose the design that best suits your building concept! The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun scrolling down and looking!

Haustreppen aus Metall luftiges Design moderne Treppen

House stairs made of metal are a synonym for airiness in stair design.

Schicke Designlösung moderne Treppen aus Metall

Moderne Treppen Holz und Metall im visuellen Einklang

Wood and metal are in visual harmony.

Moderne Treppen aus Metall

Chic design solution for modern metal stairs

Interessante Designlösung perfekter Einfall Treppen unsichtbar

The perfect idea for the entire staircase design!

Metall modernes Treppendesign sehr schick und ansprechend

Simplicity and elegance are capitalized in the modern staircase design!

klassisches Treppendesign modern interpretiert

Classic design interpreted in a modern way

weiß und schwarz im visuellen Kontrast moderne Treppen gestalten

moderne Treppen aus Holz mit Metallelementen am Geländer

moderne Treppen aus Holz mit Metallelementen

schickes Treppendesign Durchsichtigkeit moderne Treppen sehr ansprechend

schwebendes Design aus Holz und Metall moderne Treppen innen

moderne Treppen aus Metall Holz Beton viel Licht im Treppenhaus

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