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Modern teenage room – what should it look like?

We parents know best how quickly time flies. We notice that in our little ones, who quickly reach their teenage years. Then their interests change quickly and new ones emerge. A young person needs their privacy and wants to spend more time in their room. He not only sleeps there, it is his place to study, play video games, chat with friends, chill out and listen to music. The parents are therefore trying to transform the children’s room into a cozy, practical and modern teenage room. Today we want to show you how to do this with the help of some great examples. But before that, we want to give all parents some good advice: First, talk to your teenager about how he or she imagines the room. What should actually be there? Which wall color would your teenagers prefer? Does he / she want to decorate the room and keep everything tidy? Clarify these little things and you will be better at designing teenage rooms.

Remember, a modern teenage room must first and foremost please your teenage girl!

Modernes Teenagerzimmer in Dunkelgrau Akzente in Rot elegantes Bett Skate Brett Deko Kissen Sitzkissen

We want to emphasize again that a teenage room has to please your son or daughter above all else. It is set up and designed for young people, so give them more freedom. Your grown-up children want to have and express their own style. That is why it is important that you participate in the design of this room.

The following tips can be useful in this regard. Follow these and you will have a cozy, comfortable, practical and modern teenage room!

A cozy and modern teenage room under the sloping roof can look exactly the same and meet all the requirements and wishes of the young person (and his parents!).

Modernes Teenagerzimmer schlichte Einrichtung dominierende Farben Grau Schwarz Weiß viel natürliches Licht sehr ansprechend

  • Which furniture are must-haves in the modern teenage room?

The furniture in the modern teenage room is simple in design and very practical in its function. Understandably, a bed is an absolute must. This can be wider if you have enough space in the room. Beds with good storage options are very popular. When setting up, keep in mind that your teen will also need stowage options for their belongings. In this regard, loft beds are known for their practical design, because the space underneath can be used cleverly. These models usually come together with drawers, a small wardrobe or desk. This saves a lot of space in the room and makes the teenage room as practical as possible.

A practical loft bed has been considered the best option for a modern teenage room for many years.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer praktische Hochbett beste Option für die Einrichtung in kleinen Räumen darunter Schreibtisch Leiter

Simply but practically furnished! The available space is used to the maximum here.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer den verfügbaren Platz maximal nutzen Hochbett Treppe kleiner Schreibtisch Stuhl Hängematte links

Since your youngster will also study in this room, a desk cannot be missing there. Choose a bright place for it and make your child’s “workplace” as appealing as possible. One of the must-haves in the teenage room is a shelf for books, souvenirs and possible odds and ends – all things that your teenager is fond of. This is exactly where he / she shows personal preferences and hobbies. In addition, the closet is a necessity for most teenagers. But if you don’t have space in the room, you can consider alternative options, such as clothes rails or hooks. The next example shows how well this fits into the teenage room.

Your boy would surely be comfortable in this teenage room!

Modernes Teenagerzimmer kein Bett aber Schlafmatratze kein Kleiderschrank Haken schwarze Tafel zum Zeichnen aufschreiben

Teens like to stand in front of the mirror, so they need one in their room.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer elegante Schlafzimmereinrichtung Grau dominiert Akzente in Orange Spiegel an die Wand links angelehnt

  • The right colors for a modern teenage room – from soft pastel tones to graphite

You have great freedom when it comes to the color design of a room for young people. The rule here applies: anything that pleases is allowed! However, the pastel shades in pale pink and light blue are very popular, although they already seem a bit mundane. But if you decide on a light color scheme, then you can also introduce numerous color accents into the ambience. And don’t really go wrong with it!

Soft pink can be easily combined with white! These are typical colors for a girl’s room.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer einladendes Mädchenzimmer in zartem Rosa und Weiß aufgeführt Bett Schreibtisch Regal weiße Gardinen

Nice and modern teenage room in an interesting color scheme – a mix of pink and light blue

Modernes Teenagerzimmer großes komfortables Schlafbett Hellblau und Rosa in Mix viel Tageslicht ansprechendes Ambiente

If you choose white furniture, you can paint the wall in a contrasting color, for example dark blue.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer weißes Regal viele Bilder Bett Schreibtisch dunkelblaue Wandfarbe

However, many young people like saturated, strong and cool colors. That is why colors such as dark blue, dark gray and graphite have also become particularly trendy in modern teenagers’ rooms in recent years. It is believed by interior designers and parents that these colors better express the character and style of the teenagers. Especially the boys. The next picture examples are great proof of this.

Gray in all its nuances is currently the boys’ favorite color.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer Grau dominiert verschiedene Nuancen Kombination mit Weiß interessante Raumbeleuchtung

A modern teenage room can also look extravagant and cheeky.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer etwas extravagant sogar frech Holzschlafbett Stauraum

The bed linen is part of the room decoration in dark gray and white.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer Bettwäsche Buchstaben Raumgestaltung in Dunkelgrau und Weiß

  • Lighting and decoration should not be underestimated in the modern teenage room

In order to create a pleasant and thoroughly youthful atmosphere in the teenage room, you can also consider suitable room lighting and decoration. In addition to the ceiling lamp, your teenager would certainly also need indirect lighting in his room. Here we mean a suitable floor lamp, for example next to his bed or in one of the corners of the room, an elegant desk lamp, LED lamps, fairy lights, etc. These modern lighting means can either make the room appear romantic or give the ambience a more mystical touch.

Fairy lights and garlands of pictures create a casual atmosphere in the teenage room.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer Lichterkette über dem Schlafbett Girlande

Here you have combined different light sources and different color accents and again created a cheerful atmosphere.

Modernes Teenagerzimmer verschiedene Lichtquellen unterschiedliche Farbakzente kombinieren

The last important aspect in designing a modern teenage room is decorating the room appropriately. This is probably more important to your youngster than the furniture, carpets and curtains. With a great wall decoration and other small objects he wants to decorate his room in such a way that it is not like any other. Its uniqueness in character and style is particularly well expressed by the room decoration. Funny sayings and wall tattoos are allowed here, cartoon or film heroes in full shape are welcome and other small things that speak for individual interests and personal preferences of the teenager. Even the bed linen can have sayings and go perfectly with the room decoration.

Pure comfort in the bedroom for young people!

Modernes Teenagerzimmer weiche Decken in Beige komfortables Schlafbett weiße Bettwäsche Wandbilder Gemütlichkeit pur

Surely your teenager also has a hobby?

Modernes Teenagerzimmer sauberes und gut geordnetes Zimmer Teleskop Schreibtisch

Scroll down now and get further inspiration for a practical and modern teenage room interior and design!

Modernes Teenagerzimmer ausgefallene Raumgestaltung gestreifter Teppich dunkelblauer Sessel

Modernes Teenagerzimmer schlichte Einrichtung in hellen Farben Bett neben dem Fenster Regale Wandkranz

Modernes Teenagerzimmer bunte Wandtapete elegantes Bett Regal Schreibtisch vor dem Fenster

Modernes Teenagerzimmer ganze Wand als schwarze Tafel schlichte Raumgestaltung

Modernes Teenagerzimmer bunte Sitzkissen im ganzen Raum verteilt eingebaute Beleuchtung

Modernes Teenagerzimmer hellblaue Wände hohe Zimmerdecke großes bequemes Bett fein gemusterte Bettwäsche einladende Atmosphäre

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