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Modern terrace design – clever ideas to achieve this in a few simple steps

Spring has just started and we want to stay outside longer in the fresh air, enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine and admire the awakening of nature. The birds chirp around us and the first spring flowers show their blossoms and colors in embarrassment. Spring branches in bloom spread fresh scents through the air. Yes, it’s so lovely outside in the sun! This is good for our health, improves our mood and allows the soul to be freer. Hopefully you will also have a nice, sunny terrace where you can relax, relieve the stress of everyday life and recharge your batteries. The big plus point of having your own terrace is that you spend a lot of time outside and enjoy the fresh air and at the same time feel well protected and cared for because you are actually at home. Do you already know the feeling? And what does your terrace look like? Do you want to change something there this season or replace the furniture? If all of these questions are currently open to you, then you have come to the right place, because today we are trying to give you practical and clever tips for a modern terrace design. Stay with it and let yourself be inspired!

Moderne Terrassen Ideen

An enclosed outdoor area between the high-rise buildings of the big city is the ideal place where you can show your creativity in terms of modern terrace design

moderne Terrassengestaltung Einrichtungsideen passende Möbel

Creative design ideas for terrace design are always in demand

  • What distinguishes the modern terrace?

The modern-minded person urgently needs a place to rest. The heavily polluted city air bothers him and he wants a small (or larger) oasis where he likes to withdraw and relax completely undisturbed. That is why many residents have designed cozy terraces that all look very homely. Ultimately, that is the main function of a modern terrace – it has to be architecturally related to the house and seen as its natural complement. Clear lines, subtle color design and cleverly chosen color accents are a must here. They also try to use high-quality materials – wooden floors or stone slabs, furniture made of rattan or metal, but preferably made of wood, comfortable cushions and soft decorative cushions are also included. Everything that you position on the terrace has to be well thought out to determine whether it fits your overall design concept for indoors and outdoors. And of course you have to carefully consider your needs and personal preferences when designing the terrace, because this terrace will serve you and provide you with the necessary peace and serenity.

moderne Terrassengestaltung trendige Einrichtungsideen

First answer the main question: how do you want to use your terrace?

moderne Terrassengestaltung Esstisch Metall Stühle

You need to create a cozy atmosphere on the modern terrace

  • Many design options are open to you

First, we want to emphasize the numerous possibilities that are open to you in modern terrace design. Plan cleverly in advance so that you get satisfactory results that you can be really proud of. The size and location of your terrace depend on the dimensions of the available space and how you want to use it. Alignment is also very important, so you need to think about it as well. But all of this is related to the main goal of using the terrace: do you want a quiet place where you can withdraw or would you prefer to spend a lot of time together with friends and family on your modern terrace in the warm months? These are the basic questions that only you can answer yourself. Because your terrace design depends on it.

moderne minimalistische Terrassengestaltung runder Tisch Stühle aus Metall

Minimalist terrace design, if you like it best

moderne minimalistische Terrassengestaltung Ideen

Straight lines, clear shapes, stone slabs and a green lawn characterize this terrace design

  • Modern outdoor furniture belongs on the modern terrace

In connection with the main goal of using the terrace, you can determine the size, location and quality of your outdoor furniture. If you need a smaller or larger dining area where you would like to invite friends and relatives to a bottle of wine, then you need to get a modern dining table and comfortable chairs. Or buy an outdoor set right away? If you prefer to be alone on your terrace, to relax, read an exciting book or have a drink without being disturbed, then you will most likely only need one or a maximum of two sun loungers. The furniture on the terrace must match the furnishing style of your interior, so that you always feel comfortable and at ease outside (as well as inside). You can also afford some additional extras, such as a wood-burning stove or open fireplace, a small pool or just another element of water. These create a feeling of luxury outside and give your terrace design a super closed, modern look.

moderne Terrassengestaltung Outdoor Möbel

The modern furnishing style naturally requires contemporary design elements.

  • Flowers, decoration and lighting for the modern terrace

If you think your terrace has to be immersed in green, then you are wrong! Because with the modern terrace design, the flowers and green plants are used very sparingly, but in a targeted, even accentuated manner. It depends on your preferences whether you will decorate the terrace and with what. Many people choose a canopy that gives them the best possible protection from rain and the glaring rays of the sun. Others just prefer a wide parasol or awning. Lighting is also key here to make you feel at home outside day and night. Directed light, lanterns, lanterns or built-in lighting – you decide! It is important that your modern terrace is transformed into your favorite place where you can spend many pleasant hours!

Take enough time now and take a leisurely look at the pictures in our photo gallery! Lots of new ideas will come to mind and you will definitely get a new incentive to redesign your terrace for the beginning outdoor season!

We wish you the best of luck with your modern terrace design!

Ideen für moderne Terrasse Essbereich Relax Zone absondern

Separate individual zones creatively!

Ideen für moderne Terrasse

Simple outdoor furniture for the individual zones is a must here

Moderne Terrassengestaltung deko ideen

The modern designed terrace is an architectural addition to the house

Terrasse viel Grün Relax Zone Sonnenkorb

Lots of green, a relaxation zone and a sun basket for sun worshipers

Einrichtungsideen Terrasse Marineblau

You can feel the sea breeze every day on this navy blue terrace

Bodenfliesen in Holzoptik Gestaltungsideen

Weatherproof floor tiles with a wood look are the best choice for the modern terrace

Möbel aus Paletten Holzboden moderne Terrassengestaltung

Wooden floors and wooden furniture bring warmth and a Mediterranean flair to your terrace design

moderne Ideen für Terrasse

The perfect wooden floor on the modern terrace can easily be inscribed in any furnishing style

Gestaltungsideen moderne Terrasse Bequemlichkeit Outdoor Möbel Holzboden

Your favorite pet certainly deserves its place outside.

moderne Terrassengestaltung Ideen südländisches Flair Exotik einführen

Introduce something exotic through the furniture and other design elements

moderne Terrasse Möbel aus Paletten Deko Kissen

Use natural materials for roofing too

Einrichtungsideen moderne Terrasse Holzmöbel

Wooden furniture is the best choice for most home and garden owners

Terrassengestaltung klein Blumentopf

Flowers are accentuated on the modern terrace

moderne terrassengestaltung tisch designideen

Set contrasts and design with attention to detail

moderne Ideen für Terrassengestaltung

Combine wooden flooring with small gravel areas on the modern terrace

modern gestaltete Terrasse Industrial Style

Modern designed terrace in industrial style on two levels

ideen moderne terrassengestaltung

Simplicity and comfort in one

moderne Terrassengestaltung weiß

Ideen für moderne Terrasse weiß schwarz

Gestaltungsideen moderne Terrasse

Good privacy and wind protection is a must. You have to feel that you are in good hands on the terrace

Dachterrasse moderne Gestaltungsideen schicke Möbel Panoramablick

The roof terrace usually offers a wonderful panoramic view of the city

Moderne Terrassengestaltung Bilder

In the evenings on the roof terrace you can spend unforgettable hours with friends and family

moderne Terrassengestaltung Sukkulenten Hochbeete grün helle Ausstattung

Succulents thrive wonderfully in raised beds and spice up the modern terrace

moderne Terrasse Einrichtungsideen DIY Tipps

Small things sometimes have a big impact

moderne Terrasse gestalten Einrichtungsideen Sonnenliegen Holz

Sun beds for the sun worshipers

moderne Terrasse Gemütlichkeit offene Feuerstelle Wärme Anziehungspunkt

The open fireplace is the central point of attraction for cozy get-togethers

moderne Terrassengestaltung Beleuchtung

The right outdoor lighting contributes a lot to the cozy atmosphere

moderne Terrasse Gestaltungsideen Lichterkette Kerzen Windlichter

Fairy lights, candles and lanterns are extremely necessary outside in the evenings

dekoideen terrassengestaltung

You can just forget about time on this southern terrace!

clevere Gestaltungsideen moderne Terrasse gemütlich Möbel aus Paletten

clevere Gestaltungsideen moderne Terrasse Begrünung Holz im Einsatz

clevere Gestaltungsideen moderne Terrasse Bonsai Kübel

Gestaltungsideen für die moderne Terrasse

kleine Terrasse einrichten gestalten Steinwand Holzpodium

Terrassengestaltung bequemes Sofa Bodenbelag wetterbeständig Bodenplatten

Terrassengestaltung bequemes Sofa

Hochbeete aus Holz Grün kleiner Tisch Stühle

weißes Sofa niedrig exotische kleine Details grüne Pflanzen Terrasse gestalten

moderne Terrassengestaltung Bilder Außenbereich Gartenmöbel

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